In the MBC entertainment program ‘Section TV Entertainment Communication’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Section TV’), which aired on the night of 29th, Paul Linear Lee, Jin Yoon, An interview with Andrea Bang was released.

The Canadian drama ‘Kim’s Convenience Store’ consisted of episodes of the daily lives of Korean families.

Paul Sun-ri Lee said, “I was worried at first. I was a little worried about the Korean community,” he said. “I was worried that I would describe Koreans funnyly.” “The reason for this concern is that at least North America’s portrayal of Asians has not been well described. Asians have always been described as being ridiculed, non-mainstream, feared or ignored.” did.

However, Paul Hughley has never depicted Asians with the same respect as “Kim’s Convenience Store.” When “Kim’s Convenience Store” first aired, viewers saw us taking seriously the characters in the play, I realized that the characters had real fears, dreams, and even shortcomings. Canadian viewers found that Korean-Canadian families were no different from their own, ”he added.

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