The TVN TV drama ‘Catch the Ghost’, which was broadcast on the 29th, contains the appearances of ghosts (Moon Geun-young) and Ko Ji-seok (Kim Sun-ho) who save Choi Do-cheol (Park Ho-san).

The ghost and Ko Ji-seok who discovered Choi Do-cheol’s will fell into chaos. Ko Ji-seok, looking at the photo, came up with a problem with the lenders and the owner of the walnut confectionery.

There were lenders on the subway called bass. The owner of the walnut confectionery located in the subway station was also urged to bass because he couldn’t pay the debt, so the owner of the walnut confection was threatening the bass. The creditor ordered Choi to kill Bas, who was not the owner of the walnut confectionery shop, and Choi aimed at the bass. Ko Ji-seok went to catch two people, but Bass ran away, and Ko Ji-seok and the ghost saved Choi Do-cheol, who almost seemed to be able to commit.

That night, the ghost secretly headed for the tunnel and noticed that someone was hiding in history. Haunted by the tunnel, the ghost searched the tunnel, but nothing. The ghost was eager to remember his brother Eugene.

Wang Shuri station was scheduled to be a promotional ambassador for martial artist Kim Won-tae (Oh Dae-hwan). Kim Won-tae, who came with her fiancée, went to the waiting room to change clothes, and the ghost who guarded the two heard the fiancé’s screams. CCTV confirmed that Kim was attacking her fiancée. Ko Ji-seok and the ghost tried to stop the event and proceed with the date violence investigation, but the upper order instructed to cover it.

However, the ghost did not give up, and Ko Ji-suk tried to find a way, but Kim Hyung-ja (Song Ok-suk) said that he should concentrate on catching grasshoppers. The ghost who believed Ko Ji-seok’s words like this “disappointed the investigation and grabbed the grasshopper” was disappointed. The ghost went to the address with Ko Ji-seok after hearing the information that three men had asked him to make a doll mask until the day before the 30th anniversary.

However, the place where the ghost took Ko Ji-seok is the house where Kim Won-tae and his fiancée live. Ko Ji-seok yelled, “What a big adult is lying to his boss.” “I apologized. At that time, there was a cracking glass inside the house, and Ko Ji-suk decided to cooperate with the ghost. The two arrested Kim Won-tae as the current criminal. However, the fiancée turned to Kim Won-tae’s appeal and gave up the report saying, “I was wrong.”

At that time, Ko Ji-seok and the ghost found out that Kim Won-tae was investigated as a reference to the murder of a former girlfriend’s robbery. The ring was now owned by her fiancée.

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