Ko Ji-seok (Kim Seon-ho), an investigator in Wangsuri Subway Police, is an elite shining senior police graduate. His dream of having the best specs is to live a single, stable police life. However, an incident threatened Ko Ji-seok’s life as a police officer. The body of the fourth victim of the serial killer ‘The Subway Ghost’ was found at the 30th anniversary of the subway police. The police chief’s wallet was picked up.

Go Ji-seok’s order was to turn the first and last trains and arrest the pickpocket. During the latent investigation, Ko Ji-seok had a first meeting with the cop ghost (Moon Geun-young) who applied to the subway police.

Jisamo (metropolitan-loving gathering) The ghost proud of the Seoul branch chief showed his capture of pickpockets based on his exceptional knowledge of the subway. Ko Ji-seok, however, eliminated the ghost from the subway police interview, which was used in an illegal way to arrest him.

But the two of them continued. The ghost this time became a victim of the subway hidden camera incident. Koh Ji-seok asked the ghost for help to catch the culprit, and the ghost joined forces with Koh Ji-seok to prevent the birth of additional victims.

At the moment when the hidden camera case was to be extended to the kidnapping, the ghost used his knowledge of the subway to find out the station where the event was scheduled. Phantom and Ko Ji-seok solved the case nicely through cooperation.

Here is another secret. That’s why the ghost wants to enter the subway police. The ghost who lost his identical twin sisters in the subway was convinced that she was one of the victims of the subway ghost. The ghost told Hamari (Jeong Yujin), who was in charge of the serial murder case, but Hamari ignored it. The ghost, who was eager to say “Please review only once,” finally decided to catch the criminal with his own hands and joined the subway police.

Moon Geun-young returned to the home theater after 4 years through ‘Catch a Ghost’. In his first broadcast, he made a powerful impression, showing various action acts that he had not shown before. The patented tear acting there further enriched the ghost character. This is the reason why Moon Geun-young, who has returned in a different way, is focused on her future activities.

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