In the 15th and 16th episodes of MBC’s New Envoy Guhae-ryeong, which was broadcasted on the 8th, Lee Lim (Cha Eun-woo) was shown to practice the vaccinia law.

On this day, Gu Hae-Ryung handed out a booklet containing the contents of the vaccinia law. Gu Hae-ryeong thought that he had to implement the vaccinia method to prevent hepatitis. The cow’s bile is lightly passed through the ulcer, and there is no problem in life. “

Irim said, “Wouldn’t it make sense. Half of a man’s pus dies. How can a beast’s pus. Stop talking about it.” Now I realized how cowardly it was to entrust a person’s life to the will of the heavens. “I appealed.

That night, Irim read the book left by Gu Hae-ryeong and met Mohwa (Junik-ryeong) after the bright day. Lee Lim said, “I want to believe this frivolous story. Sincerely. How can you believe that the contents of this book are true?” I took the milk and put the milk into people with my hands, and with my eyes I watched people wake up healthy. “

Eventually, Lee Lim decided to implement the vaccinia law and was directly vaccinated to silence the fear of the people. Irim had a headache, but he was completely safe.

Furthermore, Irim explained, “I’m a little dizzy because I’ve been lying for a long time. And here’s the blisters coming up.” Admired.

In particular, Heo Sam-bo (Sungjiru) set up a prize by raising a fish for the cult. Irim asked for water and wanted to drink it, and while Hesambo was away, he brought it to Guhae-ryeong. 

Irim said, “Receive. It’s a gift to you. I’ve had half my face how much you’ve been worried about me.”

Irim said, “I know very well. I do not know much about my worries,” he regretted. Gu Hae-ryeong soon smiled, and Lee Lim also smiled back.

Irim returned to Hanyang, and Lee Tae-min (Kim Min-sang) threw his fist as soon as he saw it. Itae was angry and said, “Do you want me to be strong even though I ignore the name?” And Irim knelt, “I ignored the name. .

Itae yelled, “You’re here to show the true color. It’s a wicked nature that ignores the king and is not sinful.”

Bin said, “Please forgive Taowon once this time. There are officers. All officers are watching.”

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