Here, Bae Jung-nam also plans to join as a new member.

TVN said on June 23 that Cha Seung Won and Yu Hae-jin will appear in a new entertainment venue called ‘Europe’s House of Worship’ (gaesa), co-directed by Nay Young Seok PD and Jang Eunjeong PD. Also, Bae Jung-nam is said to be with them.

‘European boarding house’ is a concept of entertainment that opens a boarding house in Europe and serves a meal to Korean young people. It is reported that it will go to Europe for shooting in February. Cha Seungwon and Yu Hae-jin were able to reach the hands of Na Young-seok PD and entertainer in 3 years.

Cha Seung Won and Yoo Hae-jin emit a couple kebabs from ‘Samshi Sekisui’ fishing village to ‘Cha Chuubu’ and ‘Charming Sea’. Cha Seung Won showed off his extraordinary cooking skills and gathered topics every broadcast. It is to show the charm and anti-charm as “tea housewife” in charge of the life of the island village.

In addition, the evil-doer took a leisurely stroll in the mountains and told viewers about the healing. Although there were many cases of worrying about fishing due to fishing, they showed off their extraordinary dexterity and conveyed laughter, which made them immersed in the charm of “Sea of ​​the Sea.”

In particular, Cha Seung Won and Yu Hae-jin used to show their friendship in the movie ‘Lee Jang and Gun-Su’ together in ‘Samseok-suk’. Therefore, it is expected to be seen in this “European boarding house” appearance.

‘European boarding house’ is also an entertaining treat for a meal, so Cha Seung Won’s unique cooking skills will be seen. The communication that Korean young people and two people who have visited Europe in this place will also become a watch point. The act of Bae, Jung-nam who newly joined Nyeongseok PD entertainment is also worth noting.

Bae Jeong-nam has been showing genuine charm through various entertainment programs. From chemistry to warm hospitality, the special chemistry that Bae Jeong Nam will make with Cha Seung Won and Yu Hae Jin is already regarded as a reason to wait for ‘European boarding house’.

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