On the 4th, SBS Power FM’s Choi Hwa-jeong’s Power Time, EXO Chen, who returned to the solo album ‘To You Beloved,’ appeared as a guest and talked.

DJ Choi Hwa-jeong said, “The song response is so good. Every time I release an album, wasn’t always popular?” Chen replied, “But I’m always nervous until the moment. I always think the results are out of line and can’t be measured. I’m always nervous.”  

“I was curious about what kind of reaction it would be because it was the first retro pop genre to challenge. It’s been 4 days since it was released. Thank you very much for your support and support. I’m so proud of myself.”

Chen said, “Because I am alone, even if I work in a good environment, I am responsible for all my responsibility. No matter how good a song comes, there is a burden that my results will not be good.”

On the other hand, one listener asked Chen, “A letter appears in the album, when was the last time you wrote it. I wonder if EXO members send or receive letters or small ones.” Chen replied, “Members simply contact each other by mobile phone. I actually don’t remember when I last wrote the letter. 

Choi Hwa-jeong asked again, “Who do you want to write to if you are given a letter and pen?” Chen said, “I want to write to my parents once. I’ve always been in contact with my cell phone. I remembered.

Another listener asked Chen, “At this showcase, Mr. Sehun watched the MC. Did you give a thank you gift?” Chen said, “I don’t like to be oathed at first. At first I was going to do it myself, but Sehun asked me who was watching the MC a few days before the showcase. Told. 

“I tried to buy a meal, but Sehun is too busy. I want to give a small gift.” When Choi asked whether Sehun was not very nervous, Chen said, “I was more nervous because Sehun was not nervous and Sehun was nervous.” 

As well as any listener feedback and information Cola IU Chen has revealed little hope, “I hope it close. I dance while the music is, as a bit idol do you prepare for a solo album had learned a lot listening to IU’s songs,” he said. 

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