In the final episode of KBS 2TV’s entertainment program ‘Eurachacha Mansuro’, which was broadcasted on the 18th, British Football’s 13th league Chelsea Rovers played a doomed house fight with Dover House during the 19-20 season.

Bodzin and the players faced all-time fights by beating the ‘Cheeswick Derby’ as they played against the same home team and the first game of the season. In addition, Chelsea Rovers is showing a strong will for disgrace, as he has suffered two losses to Dover House.

On this day, the Dover House has been at the forefront of the league’s top organization. Kim Soo-ro’s team showed tension in his opponent’s ability to combine speed and organization. Chris’s vacancy because of injuries was also great.

Luckily, Chelsea Rovers’ engine, Juan, reversed the charter in the first sixteen minutes of the game, with the opening goal. It was the first goal of the season and added meaning. Bodjin watched the game with his heart pounding, jumped like a spring and cheered the first time the goal went off. In particular, Kim Soo-ro ran to the ground and embraced Juan, expressing joy. Park Moon-sung, embarrassed by the owner’s intimidation like a drunkard, started a mental-level apprenticeship, saying, “Master, why are you going?” Juan also promised to score with Lee Si-young before the match. I implemented this and made Lee Si Young happy.

Giorgio then scored an additional goal in the 48th minute. Kim Soo-ro and his members were amazed by the team’s remarkable growth. Lee Si-young showed Chelsea affection by saying “Well done these guys” to Chelsea Rovers.

But in the second half, the players’ stamina dropped. In addition, amid the dissatisfaction with the referee’s decision, which seemed to be somewhat biased, there was a struggle between players. Unexpected unexpected behavior, Kim Soo-ro said, “The exciting team will never win the game.” Luckily, Chelsea Rovers scored an extra goal with a cross pass, winning a perfect 3-0 victory.

Subsequently, the board and the players of the 13th league Chelsea Rovers had a story.

“Mr. Honestly, Rovers’s first impression was not like a team. It was a mishap,” he said. I heard this, “recalled last time.

Lee Si-young, the general manager who gave a special affection to the club with a great fan spirit, said, “I think I have learned more. I have grown so much that I wanted to do something.” I’m always there, because it’s my family. “

In addition, the global director Kai said, “We have a Dantokbang, always talk there” and “It was a time that I wanted to be together too. “And I’m a broadcast coming out, but I’m also a beloved,” he said to say goodbye to farewell.

Kim Soo-ro, who was dedicated to the club with water and water as a generous giving tree, also thanked everyone and said, “The real beginning of the owner Kim Soo-ro is from now on.

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