“I’m having a good day because I liked the new song ‘What do we do’ recently,” Chen said. One listener sent me a text message saying, “My mother in her 50s also liked Chen’s song. “I’m very pleased with this compliment,” Chen said.

Chen confessed that he did not anticipate the popularity of the new song, creating a surprise in the middle. DJ Choi Hwa-jeong asked, “The new song ranked first in the music charts of 36 countries. Did you expect it?” Chen once said, “Isn’t it a solo song? I was very responsible and burdened. I didn’t expect you to like it. I was proud of myself.”

Chen explained, “At autumn, I thought of loneliness, but I also feel loved by the warmth. Chen asked Lee Mun-se, the listener who came up with the movie “Laboom,” and “I was curious about the reaction of overseas fans when it came to this sound. said.

“We communicate with our members on their cell phones,” Chen says. “I don’t remember when I last wrote a letter. When I send a birthday message to a member. It was a handwritten letter. ” Chen said, “I want to write a letter to my parents.”

Chen mentioned the song ‘To You’. Chen shocked Choi Hwa-jeong by saying, “‘To You’ is a song I wrote.” Chen explained, “This song is personally affectionate. It’s a beautiful parting song.” Chen said, “It was good to be pretty whenever I first saw the words, ‘You will never fade.'” “I tried to play LP, but I didn’t go easily because there was no consensus,” Chen said.

Chen thanked Sehun for voluntarily managing the MC. Chen said, “I wasn’t able to see myself. So I said I’d try it myself. But Sehun asked me first, ‘Who are you?’ “I was more nervous because I was worried about Sehun.” Chen added, “I want to buy a small gift and a meal.”

Chen showed a live performance right in the text message of the listener, “Healing every time she watched. She recently shed tears when she watched the cover video” Love Her. ” Chen reluctantly said, “I’m blessed” with a compliment that “the album is all good.”

Chen revealed pan plant towards the singer IU. One listener said, “it seems to be the voice of Chen fits very well with the IU. Just dont collaboration” sent a text message. Chen added, “I would like to comment.” Chen said, “I learned a lot while alone in preparing for solo listening to the song of IU’s” exposed seams fans.

Chen mentioned the same group members Dio and Xiumin in military service. Chen said, “Why don’t you write your handbook to two members?”

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