Singer Seunghee appeared as a guest on KBS 2TV ‘Rooftop room trouble boy’ (‘Ohmun Son’) broadcasted on the 5th.

In the appearance of Cheongha, the film was cheered. Song Eun, who was celebrating 1st place, asked Kim Yong-man, “I do not think ‘snapping’.” However, Kim Yong – man is “Sleeping or Snoopy,” he laughed.

Requested to study in Texas for seven years. Kim said, “The English problem is over.”

While recommending the name of the members who have experience of studying abroad, Kim Yong Man recommended Gorgonzola Anchoi Kim. However, he pointed out that it was too long, and he laughed, saying, “I usually do it in abbreviated form, or I only talk about it in Gorgonzola.”

The first question on the day was ‘What is the most searched word by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un?’ The members shouted with their name, Kim Jong-un, in an instant, and they got the answer right away.

Afterwards, he said, “I only search for my name (during my activity), to see feedback.” However, he added, “I think there is something wrong.”

Song Eun-yi raised the curiosity by saying, “When I open my eyes in the morning, I search for my name, and then I search for Kim Sook’s name.” He laughed when he said, “To see what program I secretly enter.”

After that, problems related to the best fan service of mobile station appeared. The problem is that Kim Sook, who exclaimed, “I invited you to the house,” answered the right answer.

Lee Dong-guk house, which was more famous than Pohang City Hall at that time, could go to play whenever fans wanted. However, the mobile station was not home at home often, and his mother was known to boil ramen noodles or to visit the house.

Song Eun Lee, who heard this story, also shared his experience of discovering the Jeksukisu Eun Ji-won house by chance, an episode in which he visited his home for more than a school day.

During the subsequent quiz, snack quiz appeared. In the challenge of the members, the answer was Kim Yong-man, and the snacks returned to his arms. Kim Yong-man was hoping for a hearty snack, but the snack was a little mystery peach. However, Kim Yong-man ate the mysterious peach whose juice is exploding deliciously.

Then English issue appeared and all the members paid attention to Cheongha. But he said, “It ‘s been too long since I did not speak English.”

“Balley” is a call to the problem of using dance ballet spelling, explaining the pronunciation hints, “American English is a lot of silence.” At the same time, he asked, “You may not know spelling. Don’t believe me too much.”

However, unlike the self-confident appearance, all the members of the ‘top son of the rooftop room’ beautifully finished with the correct ballet spelling.

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