Lee Hye-ri’s leadership is possible because of Lee Hye-ri.

Lee Hye-ri breaks down in the early days of the TVN ‘Cheonil Electronics Mitsuri’ with a predecessor, and gradually depicts the changing process by gradually becoming a representative.

In the 6th episode, which aired on the 10th, there is an explosion of Lee Hye-ri, who showed her leadership and showed a sample of the leaders she wanted.

On this day, after the resignation of Yoo Jin-wook (Kim Sang-kyung), the factory was in danger of being stopped due to delays in parts delivery from head motor punks and subcontractors. The referee greatly felt the vacancy of the manager who solved the problem every time Cheongil Electronics suffered and suffered from his choice to leave the company to prevent the layoffs of employees.

In the end, Lee realized that he was indispensable to Cheil and began to give his employees a pay cut agreement. When a company’s operational difficulties require cost savings, it’s not a layoff but a way for everyone to survive. The referee told his colleagues who disregarded the agreement he gave and said, “I’m right. You made me a representative. ” Eventually, the call of the referees moved the hearts of the colleagues, who grieved over the salary cuts submitted by the employees.

This decision led him to feel his sincerity not only for the company but also for each of his employees, and to support Lee Sun-hee, who became responsible for being the representative of the company’s chief accountant. In particular, Lee Hye-ri conveyed her sincere responsibility towards Cheongil Electronics and affection for her colleagues and made her feel sad just by seeing a person named Lee Sun-sim who had a pure and good heart.

In front of Park Do-joon (Cha Seo-won), who was organizing the layoff, Lee Seon-sim, who showed imposing appearance, said, “It is the meaning of our employees to be able to work just so much without being laid off.” The reason why the employees who pursued their own interests could be brought together is because of Lee’s leadership based on ‘respect’ and ‘consideration’ and the kind of representative he has all wanted.

On the other hand, at the end of the broadcast, there was a scene in which the patron’s wife’s wife Grace (Go Eun-min) went to visit the hospital and misunderstood him, and the patriot who was rebuked by the captain burst out. Persuading the staff to go to the hospital with the worries about the illness of grace. The tears of patronage are a mixture of the innocence and injustice of Yu Jin-wook, who does not know his own mind.

The TVN ‘Cheonil Electronics Mitsuri’, which delivers healing every week as Lee Hye-ri’s inaugural office, which makes him cry for ‘1 job, 1 priority’, is broadcast every 9:30 every night.

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