In the 14th episode of JTBC’s gold drama ‘Chocolate’, which was broadcast on the 11th, Lee Joon (Jang Seung-jo Boun) asked Moon Cha-young (Ha Ji Won) for help. 

Moon Tae-hyun (Min Jin-woong), who got to know her mother’s address, told her that she lives in Boryeong. Moon Cha-young went to the address to find her mother. It was a pension. But the neighbors said, “The pension is closed.”

A neighbor said, “The owner of the pension was my classmate. I borrowed money from the bank as a pension. I opened my eyes and waited for the crook at the bus stop.” Moon Chaeyoung cried tears to the owner of the pension still waiting at the bus stop, “Don’t wait. I waited for the lady, but she did not come soon.”

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