Choi raised children by traveling instead of private education.

In MBC ‘Study Money?’ Which was broadcasted on the 1st, the story of Choi Jung-won’s family was revealed. 

Choi Jeong-won’s son, Hee-won, is a high-level examinee and ranks first in the family. On this day, Choi Jung-won lamented her husband more than Hee-won noticed. 

In addition, Hee-won can’t concentrate on studying. Experts pointed out that “there is too much electronics in the room,” but Choi said, “It is no use to say.”

Hee-won, who didn’t go to academy until middle school, started tutoring as a high school student. Hee-won said, “Are there any schools in the class that have several students in one class and keep pace with the progress of the top children? In the case of me, I often passed by not being able to understand the class. The score didn’t go up. ” 

Choi Jung-won made an effort to expand the knowledge of Hee-won while going on a family trip with private education expenses. Choi Jung-won said, “Since he was young, he has had a great concentration. So I didn’t send it to high school until I was a high school student because I thought it would be helpful to do it myself. ” 

“I thought if I reviewed my problem book for six years and went on a trip with that money, I could find something my child liked. So I went on a trip for school expenses. ” 

The problem is that because of this, no prior learning was done. Experts said that one-point lessons should be made to make up for the lack of learning. The school and private tutoring help, but not excessively. Self-directed learning is important. ” 

Hee-won, who had dreamed of going to photography department in the past, recently turned to fashion. Heewon said, “Many people are successful even if they don’t go to college. I want to study more practically than studying. ” Choi Jung-won couple was shocked. 

Admission specialists said, “Our country has the highest rate of college entrance in the world. The overall social infrastructure is made up of counterfeiters. If you go to college, there are many opportunities. It also provides a springboard for various experiences. ” 

Moreover, the psychological test showed that Hee-won had a strong desire for recognition. Choi Jung-won said, “I was a strict mother until my child was in middle school. I thought it was for the child to give praise. ‘You have to do better than this’ I should have complimented me a lot at that time. ” 

Shin Dong-yeop asked the entrance examination expert of the day, “Is Heon-won or occasional when I thought it was my son?” The expert said, “Send occasionally. I’m still high and don’t have a lot of time. ” 

Choi Jung-won said, “It’s time for reflection. Thank you very much for calling me here today. ” 

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