I met the actress Choi Soo-young, who met the audience with her dramatic comical appearance opposite to her feminine image, which was a bold character in Girls’ Generation swimming. The pouring eyes and cool cool eyes were as beautiful as a girl group member, but when we talk about acting, it was a new look filled with tension, anxiety and anxiety as a new actor starting from the beginning. I would like to be more honest and cheerful when Choi Yeo-young, who tells me that he wants to meet with a work that still looks up with the above-mentioned expression, is going to pass like a veteran in any situation when he has performed this entertainment business.

Q. The movie was released. How is your opinion?

A. There are actors’ dangtok rooms. It was so happy and beautiful during the filming that they cheered each other. 

Q. I thought that Lamy Ran and Lee Sung Kyung were two-top movies, but when I saw the movie, Choi Soo-young was very prominent. I enjoyed it. It was a shenan character and I was surprised because it was completely different from the appearance of Girls’ Generation swimming as seen in acting so far. 

A. Thank you. One day I thought I would meet a character like ‘Rose’. When I started the movie, I thought I would meet a character who could start to get along. I wanted to meet a person with a strong personality, and I wanted to show him how to play character, so it was very exciting to meet such a person with such a character and character. The output from the video was more fun than when I saw it as a script. ‘Rose’ seemed to be less than I expected, so I personally feel sorry, but everyone was happy to talk and I watched the movie with ease. I would like to express more freely once more opportunity is given. 
There is a lot of abuse in the dialogue. After reading for the first time, the bishop said he would like to have “roses” more vulgar. From that day on, I had to worry about how to make my profanity “rose”, but there is a real sister like “rose” around. I had a funny sister every time I thought about it, and I met her sister and told her to keep reading it, and I learned the taste of being tasted. Lamilan helped me a lot on the spot. 

Q. How did you get involved in Gulkaps?
A. I spoke with my boss a few years ago and told him that he would like to postpone it, and he told me that I would contact you if I had a movie. When I meet with many people, I like to talk about it like a greeting cheerleader, but I really got in touch with you. I was so grateful that you remembered me, and there was no reason not to be because the character of the script I gave you wanted to try too hard. I still remember it. I received a phone call on the way to the church, and as soon as I got the number, I thought I had to do whatever I could. I liked my first dialogue and said that I would be very excited. 

Q. I do not know whether the drama ‘My life spring day’ is so funny, but Choi is remembered as having played the melodrama and quiet and calm acting. I did not know it was an actress who was good at comedy like this.

A. I have to be funny and fun while acting. This work has a character and tone that the bishop thought, and it was my role and duty to reproduce it 100%. However, there was a burden to think about what to do if it was not the ‘rose’ that the bishop thought. I was not comfortable with a lot of hair on the field, and when I was laughing and enjoying, I was the only one to try to relax the ramiran when I saw the ramiran smoke and when I was at rest. It was a work that personally felt that comedy was difficult. It was the time limit in ‘my life spring day’ and the ’38th company gentleman’ was the genre, Rocco, but it was the first comedy that I had to play with breathing, and I was grateful that I could do it with the actor Lamiran and have a chance to learn a lot. It would be hard to meet other characters like ‘Rose’ in other works. I would like to be able to postpone ‘Rose’ steadily as ‘Gagapcs’ comes out in series.

Q. I did a lot of detailed preparation for the character. The name of the character is ‘rose’, and nail art is a rose. 

A. The details of raising the glasses with your fingers were actually used in many other works. However, it is only once that the bishop thought that the audience could feel uncomfortable with a big screen, and the audience laughed a lot in that part. The ‘rose’ thought by the bishop was a person with a lot of clothes, thoughts, and voices much higher than ‘US’ or ‘wisdom’. So it was done in the style of the present and the role of expressing the character on the keyboard, I decided to give a lot of power to the nails, I chose a lot of rose cyan. The luxurious roses, rustic roses, roses with stickers, and three-dimensional roses were finally adopted as rugged equipment, and the nail shop staff suffered from the same pain every time they were shot. 

Q. Actor Lamy Ran talks a lot about the seasonalization of ‘Gagapcs’. If the season continues, what would you like to see as a rose? 
A. If it continues, I will not be able to play the role of ‘Rose’. I do not think that the love line with the youngest detective mentioned in this work is not finished, 

Q. I thought that I wanted to make movies with a character. Did you want to escape the image of Girls’ Generation? What kind of aspirations do you have as an actor?
A. I just want to show a lot of people to Choi Young-young. My beginning is Girls’ Generation and it is still so. I started out with a gorgeous coat called a girl group, but I want to be a person who wears various cloaks, any coat. I do not think I want to remove the tag from idol. Many of you liked Girls ‘Generation so much, and I know that I am Girls’ Generation. I am from Idol, but I want to grow up as an actor. There is still too much to spare. When I made my debut as a singer, I had not set goals and activities. It is not what we aim and act now. The actors are chosen by audiences, producers and bishops. I want to be a person who is placed in various options. Swimming is not excluded because it is swimming, it is first to become an actor to think about swimming. I will show you various images, and if you find out a lot of it, I would like to have aspirations for aspiration. 

Q. What was the reaction of Jeong Kyung-ho, the lover, when he saw this character? 
A. It is a person who supports a lot of new attempts and style that gives a lot of expectation and cheer than worry. It is strong that there are opponents who share this idea comfortably because being seniors of school and acting senior in career. I have talked a lot about characters before shooting, but this role has been a good support for the main actors, and I was able to reveal personality, so I advised that it would be a good match with the work. 

Q. I am in my 30s. I made my debut in teenagers and sent my twenties to Girls’ Generation. How is Choi’s life going to fill the thirties?
A. Looking back on my twenties, I have done a lot of things and seem to have passed by quickly. Now is the time to choose and concentrate. I am an age when I have to take responsibility for my choices and I am challenging myself without giving in. I heard where I heard it, but I did not choose it. If you are more challenged, choose and concentrate, you might be able to go to a comfortable place in your 40s. The choices I have made so far have been pleasant for me while I was working, I want to meet anything that tries to go to the excitement, and it is a thrilling work.

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