On this day, Choi Choi Hwa-jung revealed that ‘Underage’ is Kim Yun-suk’s debut as a director. Choi said, “Casting is too gorgeous.” He praised “How did you work with these actors?” He wondered why Kim Yoon-seok casts Sojunga and Kim.

Kim Yoon-seok said, “It is not the time to have a friend.” He recalled the past, saying, “I did a lot of work with my child, but I did not have a scene to meet with.”

Kim Yoon-seok said, “I saw Kim Jin-jin come out in a single role, and he was like actor Jang Man-ok. So I cast it.” “I kept the two people in my pocket,” he explained.

She explained why she appeared in ‘Underage’. He recalled that when he received the scenario, “I was so curious that he was the first work of Yoon Seok Kim.” “I quickly read the script,” he said, “I thought it would be a charismatic and masculine film. I did not know it was such a delicate and emotional movie.”

“So I called the next day and said, ‘I’m going to appear.'” He explained, “I played Kim Yoon-seok’s wife role in ‘underage’.”

One listener praised Kim Yoon Suk’s dialect. Kim Yoon-seok said, “I have to practice a lot in order to be good at dialect.” Kim Yoon-seok said, “If you want to put a dialect on your body, you have to go directly to the area or see a documentary that shows people in the area.” He said, “It’s a language I’ve never used before.

When he heard these words, he praised Kim Yoon-seok. “Kim Yoon-seok is completely different when he is standing in front of the camera as an actor and as a director,” he said. He said, “The other bishops are sometimes told to turn around when they give instructions, and it is hard to accept them.” Kim Yoon-seok, thank you for telling me from the actor’s point of view.

On the other hand, Kim Yoon-seok’s directorial debut, “Underage,” is a story about two families facing storm-like events that shook ordinary life. Released on April 11.

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