On the 28th, SBS Power FM ‘Choi Tae-jung’s power time (‘ Choi Patta ‘) was broadcast on 28th, and special DJ Mabi – Yoon Sang Hyun, Kim Tae Won and Park Wan Gyu appeared.

“I did not plan on having a special DJ with us,” said Mayday, who also appeared with Yoon Sang Hyun as a special DJ. “He said.

Yoon Sang-hyun said, “It’s not good to play together.” He said, “Radio is drowing because I can not speak well.” “I do not have words, but my personality is so urgent,” said Mabey.

Park Wan-gyu, who appeared as a guest on the day, said, “I was a trouble maker at the time of the resurrection, and I made my brother too hard.” Kim Tae-won said, “Now I am a new person.”

Yoon Sang-hyun pointed out to Park Wan-gyu, “I was so surprised that I was too slim to come in.” Park Wan-gyu said, “It was difficult.

In addition, Mabey asked Park, Wan-gyu’s trademark long hair, “Is there a way to manage hair?” Park Wan-gyu said, “I have nothing but this.

Kim Tae-won said, “It takes more than 700 times to make good quality music, especially because we did not use electronic devices.”

Park Wan-gyu said, “Kim Tae-won will write his lyrics by hand.” Kim Tae-won, “I do not know how to play the word,” laughed self-disgusted.

On the same day, Mabe and Yoon Sang Hyun’s eyes were drawn to the breath of reality couple.

Yoon Sang-hyun asked the listener how to appeal to Lee, saying, “What I acted to appeal to was’ Karaoke ‘Let’s Go’. Mabi laughed and said, “I went to a karaoke room, and for two hours I was singing ballads.”

The two of them listened to the audience ‘s questions and showed them the chemistry of the real couple.

On the other hand, Yoon Sang-hyun showed the Never Ending Story of the Resurrection live on the day, and said, “I am nervous about singing before the resurrection.”

Kim Tae-won, who heard the songs of Yoon Sang-hyun, said, “Yoon Sang-hyun is a man of all things, singing well, acting well and marrying well.”

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