On the 1st JTBC TV drama ‘Chosun Hondam Workshop-Flower Padang’, which was broadcasted on the 1st, the dog shit (Gong Seung-yeon) was reunited with her brother (Jang Yoo Sang).

Mahoon (Kim Min-jae) could not sleep in Cocoy of the dog. He woke up and kicked the straw that was covered by the dog, and kissed the dog that had rolled toward him. Since he never fell asleep again, he looked at the dog asshole and said, “Is it you strange to fall asleep during this time? Is it strange that I cannot sleep?”

The next day, Mahun found a droop in a mousetrap. He said, “If you tell me your boss’s position, I’ll let you go.” Afterwards, the two men fought back and took a fight with the bullshit.

Among these, Lee Hyung-kyu (Ji Il-ju) asked the dog dog to play his own lioness. But the dog shit refused after recalling the mischief of Tuck Tuck’s “ Your arms are dirty, your brother and the West will be dead bodies. ” Since then he went out alone and blamed himself.

Mahun talked with a dog pooping late at night. Mahun delivered him a goose, and said, “I want you to deliver it.” But the bullshit refused again because of his ruined liar.

Mahun held the hand of the dog shit and said, “I handed out the luck, please share your frivolous limbs.” “I’ve taken my luck, nothing will happen.” The bullshit grabbed him by his arms, whistled in his arms and shut his lips.

Mahun reminded me of the day he kissed and said, “Are you awake?” And the dog shit left, after saying, “It was an accident. Do not ask for responsibility.”

The next day, the hawks fought for a successful marriage between Lee Hyung-kyu and Choi Nanja (Lee Yeon-du). At this time, it was reported that Choi Nang refused to marry him because of his excessive gift demand. The hawks broke new ground and successfully married.

At the end of the broadcast, Do-jun (Byun Woo-seok) told the dog dog that he found a man with a similar appearance to Kim Soo (seo ji-hoon). The dog shit was eager to know that it was not Kim Soo after checking the body.

Mahun told the dog dog who returned home to forget Kim Soo, “I heard that I went to a banister without a son and was living well.” Subsequently, he tried to clarify that he became a king, but he couldn’t speak after recalling his promise with Kim. The bullshit exclaimed, “We’re not like that.”

The bullshit walked down the street alone and found a painting of her brother on the wall. The bullshit thought he was nearby, when he encountered his brother, who was running after the children of the neighborhood.

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