Muwoldan came to the widow’s village and tried to find Jeonnokdu by looking back at the dig-up to find the beaten Jeonnokdu (Jang Dongyun). Chun Mung Doo was stealing clothes from the men and women watching him. Jeonnokdu hurriedly followed Kim Mugwort (Cho Soo-hyang) to cover his face with mask and go to ‘Huiju’. Chun Mung Doo faced a crisis in which masks were peeled off during the fight against Kim Mugwort.

A strange triangle was heralded on this day. Cha Yul-mu (Gang Tae-o) made red bean shaved ice and handed it to Dongju (Kim So-hyun). However, mungbeans instead took it and laughed. In addition, the past when Cha Yul-mu crushed Dongjoo was revealed.

Mung beans helped the laundry for Dane Dongju. Impressed by his mung bean that keeps looking at him, “Can I call her sister?” However, Mungbean avoided the Dongju, saying, “I don’t like it. He was confused, “Why are you crazy? Why are you doing this?”

In the middle of the bustle in the widow village, he hid in a mung bean dressing room. Mungdu said, “I want to trim her hair.” But Mung bean cuts the head of Dongju.

In the process, green beans were spilled over to Dongju, causing a disturbance. Mung bean groaned in the voice of a man. Dong-ju finds out that mung beans are a man by touching her beard. He picked up the scissors and showed his anger.

On the other hand, Chosun Rocco-Mungdujeon is an exhilarating and entertaining romantic comedy drama by Jeon Nok-Doo (Jang Dong-yun) who infiltrated the mysterious widow, and Dong Dong-Ju (Kim So-hyun), a reversal woman who does not want to become a parasitic. It is broadcast at 10 pm every Monday and Tuesday.

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