In KBS2’s monthly drama “Chosun Rocco Nokdujeon,” which was broadcasted on the afternoon of the afternoon, Jeon Nokdu (Jang Dong-yun) was depicted trying to engage widows’ widows.

On that day, a widow was referring to her ecstasy who was an all-round beauty, saying, “A man is like her and I look like it.”

However, Jeonnokdu misinterpreted the widow’s pride, “I’m not alike at all,” he said. “I’m sorry to hear that you’re similar to a shy woman.”

“Hwasu nuns have a high nose and eyebrows like a crescent moon, but widows have a big nose, and eyebrows are thick like Songchung, so they are not very similar.”

The widow who heard this said, “Is my nose flattered now? You look like a weasel drowning in water. ” 

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