The third day of Costa Rica was unveiled on channel A ‘Only Follow Me, Urban Fisherman’, which was broadcast on the 29th. Lee Deok-hwa and Lee Kyung-kyu were waiting for the new guest. At that time, there was a staff walking suspiciously, and Lee Kyung-kyu noticed the guest’s existence and laughed. However, Lee Duk-hwa did not notice that “the kids are not insane”.

The identity of the staff unmasked was Jae-yoon Cho. Lee Duk-hwa laughed after excusing the words, “I asked if the actor is coming.” Then, Kim Sae-ron, the youngest writer who came to work under the hood, appeared and laughed.

Lee Duk-hwa, Lee Kyeong-kyu, Jae-yoon Cho and Kim Sae-ron set out to watch the crocodile before the Las Boyas Marlin. Afterwards, I tried to head to Las Boyas, but there was a problem. Sudden weather deterioration led to an emergency in which Las Voyas could not be dispatched. The crew took emergency measures to find a way.

The crew eventually summoned the cast and briefed the compromise. Previously, he planned to fish two days a night, but after fishing from only 5 am to 1 pm, he returned to fishing the next day for three hours. 

Another problem is that the number of ships per boat has been reduced from 11 to six. Accordingly, the main ships that Lee Duk-hwa and Lee Kyung-gyu ride, and sub-boats that Jo Jae-yun and Kim Sae-ron ride. PD said, “If you have an audio problem, you can dub backslash,” and Lee Duk-hwa said, “The major is that.”

The golden badge standards were also announced. If you catch a marlin, you were to grant a golden badge unconditionally. There’s no size or weight comparison. The PD explained, “The comparison of catching marlin is meaningless.”

On a boat heading to Las Boyas, Lee Duk-hwa and Lee Kyung-kyu talked about the years. Lee Duk-hwa said that while fishing for a long time, “every time every day is new.” He said, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry if my body doesn’t listen.”

Lee Kyung-gyu said, “When I live, I know where the organs are in my body. I’m hurting one by one. So I know where the organs are.” Lee Duk-hwa said, “Really yeah. I’m sorry. I’m going a little slow.” 

Before entering Point, he set out to bait fish fishing, a marlin fish. Since then, full-fledged marlin battle began. Marlin appeared first in Cho Jae Yoon time. Jo Jae-yun was impressed with the silhouette of marlin seen clearly from a distance. Marlins are attracted well but boasted a force.

Marlin finally came out after a long struggle. Jo Jae-yun was impressed with the blue marlin. It’s a bit vain, but I cut off the fishing line before the marlin hurt. Cho Jae-yun was awarded the golden badge in recognition of the acquisition of marlin, and also received the title of the city fisherman Blue Marine No. 1.

Kim Sae-ron also came to the mouth. Kim Sae-ron is painful, but never stops reeling. “Yes,” he asked “yes,” he said, “is the happiest.” Kim Sae-ron did not give up even after the rope had been loosened for a long time, and accepted the marlin after about 20 minutes of fighting. 

Deokhwa Lee also caught marlin. Afterwards, Jae-yoon and Kim Sae-ron were able to meet marlin continuously. Cho Jae-yun, Kim Sae-ron In the situation of a double hit, Kim Sae-ron caught the marlin and missed Cho. Kim Sae-ron, who ran to the news that he was hit while eating, eventually caught three.

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