MBC Evergreen entertainment ‘City Police’ broadcasted on the 18th took the premiere.

Four people were ready to go to work. It seemed that four people got used to each other as well as the scenery of the commuting route. Arriving at the police station with a lively appearance, DaeHwan took a meal for his team members. Then, I settled the desk before work time for a comfortable working environment. Before breakfast, I filled up the snack brought from the youngest birthday. In the meantime, Lee Dae-woo, the team leader, handed a lot of documents to the team and started the morning job inquiry. The head of the team said, “We have to hand over illegal immigrants to the immigration office in foreign countries. We have to finish in the morning.” It was the gambling site and related papers collected for two years. I received tips with the help of my attentive senior, and I looked at them all with amazing eyes. Kim Min-jae took over and fixed the gaze by completing the numbering at a constant speed.

Meanwhile, the immigration office for foreigners sent out illegal aliens. He said that he would be forced to leave Korea. Kim Min-jae asked about the incident that had happened, and the investigator was surprised to say, “Men are going to flee, and sometimes they threaten to run away.”

Somebody came to the intelligence team while they were busy. Voice phishing suspect, but came as a whistleblower. The team members checked the SNS of the voice phishing organization. In real time, the contents of texts receiving places and commands were also disclosed. It was also reported that one of the voice phishing agents in China who were in the process of being traced came to Korea. Then I prepared to go to the field to catch the voice phishers. There was a line of voice phishing organizers in high-class foreign cars. Completed Intelligence teams also went to the scene to pack security vests in preparation for a dangerous situation. The first task was exhausted, so I was nervous about whether I could take the end of the case today.

As soon as we arrived at the scene, the operation began. It started with the move of the informant. While tangled up or tense, I moved carefully to the place of the handicap to confirm the victim. But there was only a similar dress on the street. At this time, investigator Cho Kyung-jun noticed something he found. The informant contacted the Korean people that they seem to be watched, and the moment they were caught up in the surveillance book, they were all put in a crisis. Choi went as if he had found someone who seemed to be a victim. The team leader also said, “Mark tight, I will go into operation.”

Expert investigators entered the scene and entered the close-up mark while maintaining proper circulation. Moved to the victim’s confinement line, confirmed to be a victim-specific person. The operation was started, watching all the actions of the victim. Jo Jae-yoon said, “I did not want you to notice me,” he said, referring to the situation where the informant entered the meeting place, and was anxious and irritated that another collection tag would appear.

At this time, as soon as the victim moved to the investigating agency who was in the waiting queue, the tracing began in earnest from now on.
I did not know the place of the fight, and when I missed the victim, everything was over. I prayed irritated that all succeeded.
Cho quickly spotted the location, but the victim’s path was unpredictable. After that, the victim got out of the subway station and was tense enough to meet another collection book, and the victim tried to take the taxi again. There was a situation where we could move to another place, all of the victims’ lines.

At this time, the victim greeted someone. I was in a situation where I met another collection book. The timing was influenced by the results, so I looked forward to waiting. I checked the scene of the crime, followed the timing to arrest me at a crucial moment, parked nearby, and instructed me to take it down as soon as I saw him handing the money. There was an extreme tension. In exchange for cash, Jang Hyuk immediately arrested him on the spot.

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