On the 12th, MBC Everyone ‘City Police: KCSI’, Chun Jung-myung, Cho Jae-yun, Kim Min-jae, and Lee Tae-hwan were the new detectives, and Cheon Jung-myung and Cho Jae-yun teamed up to the scene of the crash. 

On that day, Chun and Myung Cho investigated the theft of the wine bar. An emergency incident occurred when the evidence was taken and moved. Nazeseong said, “There’s a crash. You have to move right away.” Cheon Jung-myeong was nervous about the story of the crash. 

Nazeseong said, “There are a lot of internal fractures in the fall,” he said. “If the body falls on the flower bed, it is intact. If it falls on the concrete floor, it is badly damaged. If so, you can turn around.”

Chun said in an interview with the production team, “I was nervous. When I saw the body, I was worried that I could do well.” 

“It’s a safety accident,” he said. “It’s often taken to the hospital.” Upon arriving at the scene of the accident, the detectives took pictures and took evidence. The body was already taken to the hospital. 

At this time, Joe found that the paint bucket hanger of the workbench was missing. Nazeseong said, “It seems that the place where the rope is tied is going down.”  

The detectives climbed to the rooftop and checked the ropes. Jo Jae-yun found a trace that the rope touched the eye. Najeseong said, “We will conduct investigations based on the results of our fieldwork while investigating in the detective team.” The team of the six-point forensic investigation said, “When the string goes down, it becomes taut and creates tension.

Team 6 of the Global Forensic Investigation advised, “You only need to focus on whether there are kills in the scene.” 

Detectives then headed to the hospital where the carcass was crashed. Najeseong said, “We will proceed with the autopsy after silence.” Cheon Jung Myung proceeded to the coroner, “I was nervous. I did not look weak here,” he said.

Jo Jae-yun, “I thought I was how sick I could not stand.” As a family head, I felt the pain of an accidental death. At last, Cho Jae-yun showed tears after the autopsy.  

In an interview with the production team, Cho Jae-yun said, “Who’s husband, whose father, whose son would be working? 

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