Kang Daniel was on the phone when he was packing the tangerine for sale in the egg plate in preparation for opening the store. Sehun told Hyungsuk and Coffee Friends that he was coming to Jeju Island because he came to play Jeju Island.

He said, “Come and get some work,” he said. After a while, Kang Daniel arrived and greeted him with two arms. Son Hyeonjun told Kyeongseok how he knew Kang Daniel and said, “I learned three with Sehun.”
However, Gang Daniel was unfortunately only about an hour away. I had to schedule it as soon as I arrived in Seoul. Hyungsuk said, “There are many airplanes to go to Jeju Island from Seoul.” For an hour, Gang Daniel picked and packed the mandarin. I also bought an eco bag.

Gang Daniel with Exo Sehun said, “It is so fun that I am doing this.” Sehun admired Gang Daniel when he said, “I left Seoul at 5:30 am to begin work at 9:30 am”.

One hour after the scheduled one, Gang Daniel was sorry. “This is the first time in a short period of Alba,” he said, leaving the coffee friends. Sehun showed a warm heart to Kang Daniel to take care of the oranges.
When the river Daniel left, the café opened in earnest. This day was crowded with guests. On that day, a mother and daughter came to the cafe. My daughter said, “It ‘s my birthday today.” So Choi picked up her cake and took a candle. Sehun grabbed the cake and went to the mother and daughter to sing a birthday celebration song. The guest was impressed. She said, “It is the happiest day of my life.”

The guests who found the daily Alvin Sehun on that day were amazed. Even the male guests were impressed that they were elderly handsome. Another girl, a fan of Sehun, was excited by shaking hands with Sehun. Sehun did not work only in appearance. He was passionately washing dishes and also actively selling tangerines. “Friends of Coffee” praised the family, saying, “Sehun is too bad to be washed.” Sehun recorded the highest amount ever.

On the way to the party, Sehun said, “I was not weak and I did not know it was this far.” “Sehun works very hard. I was passionate, “he praised. Sehun said, “I am going to go to coffee friends,” said Yunho Yunho. I thought it was a lie. “
The vacant spot where Sehun left was actor Jo Jae Yoon and Nam Jae Hyeong. Jo Jae-yoon, who once worked as a former alba, came back and the members of “Coffee Friends” rejoiced with one heart. Jo Jae-yoon bought the banana directly for the members who could not have breakfast. Jo Jae-yoon started working immediately. The new Alba Nam Juhyuk also found a cafe.

As soon as he arrived, Nam Joo Hyeok was put into the dishes. In addition, Nam Ju – hyeok showed up immediately to see the barista as soon as he saw it. The members also praised “I am very good at work”. Jo Jae-yoon admired that he was “handsome, good at work, and good at singing.”

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