Hyundai and Son Ho-joon’s warm upplay is made into an entertainment program.

On the afternoon of the afternoon, tvN ‘Coffee Friends’ production presentation was held at Imperial Palace Selena Hall, Nonhyun-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. Hyun Seok Hyun, Son Ho Jun, and Park Hee-yeon PD attended.

Coffee Friends is a kind of Funation that Fun and Donation are combined. Every month from March to November, coffee tea, symbolizing the good friendship of the two actors, visited various parts of the Seoul metropolitan area such as Seoul, Gimpo and Incheon. For 9 months, the citizens raised 16.23 million won, and the two people added the same amount of 32.6 million won to the rehabilitation funds for the disabled children.

‘Coffee Friends’, an entertainer program, operated a cafe on a citrus farm in Jeju Island. Bronte made of soft plaster and coffee sold by Son Ho Jun. The price of food is not fixed in the same way as existing events. I paid the price as much as I wanted, so it was not difficult to get started. Park Hee-yeon PD said, “When I learned about coffee friends, I realized that they were both involved and genuinely involved. I suggested coffee friends to show their funny and mutual contributions once more through broadcasting. I responded, “said the intention of planning.
“I wanted to make a donation but I was worried about how and where to do it. I thought why it should be burdensome and worrying about donation itself. I understand the word “Nation” and I know how to make a good contribution. I want to feel that there is a donation activity that people can enjoy while enjoying it rather than just how much and where they do it. “
Sohn earned the barista certificate with coffee friends. He said, “I wanted to give back the love I received from many people as well as donations, so I started coffee friends, so I thought if I had a certificate, I could trust it. I did not buy it from anywhere, I thought it was a way to convey my heart to the viewers and the people who came to the cafe, as PD said. “
Last year, it was difficult to move a place when using a coffee truck, so I was excited about the business of Jeju Island. But I told him it was not easy. Son Ho-joon said, “Changsha was not really anyone, but it was hard to do because I was less prepared. It might be a fun scene on the air, but it was really hard and it is getting harder.” Fortunately, Choi Ji-woo and Yang Se-jong and many other guests came together to thank me for their great help.
“I can not imagine what would have been done if the two were not in action, not shooting,” he said. “Choi Ji-woo was in charge of the hall manager. But at some point I helped out a lot, and I was also working as a kitchen assistant, a hall assistant, and an all-weather worker. ” Son Ho-joon said, “Uhno Yunho has come to this truck after this time and it will be really fun and I have planned to do what I want to do.” As the business is different from our idea, the episode from there will be interesting too.
Park Hee-yeon PD gathered topics from ‘Street Food Fighter’ with sensational food production. However, in ‘Coffee Friend’ I wanted to convey the more sincerity of Hyunsuk and Son Ho Jun than food and business. He said, “I want you to pay more attention to the authenticity and engagement of the two friends, because they have brought exactly what they were doing, and because there is no price tag, they are trying to make the food more delicious and more sophisticated “It is much better chemistry because I invite a part-time adult,” he said.
“The reason we started coffee friends was that we always donated a cup of coffee that we always drink,” he said. “I was afraid that the program was going to be a program. I would like to share with many people because I want to share with you a lot of people.

The time when ‘Coffee Friend’ is broadcast is tvN’s prime time. ‘Samshi Three’ and ‘Alice Shinchu’ all took place at this time. ‘Coffee Friends’ will take over their baton and they will be interested in catching two rabbits as well as their ratings.

First broadcast at 9:10 pm on the 4th.

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