It was impossible without everyone. Coffee-Friends, started by Hyunsook-Son Ho, ended with help and trust from many.

On TVN ‘Coffee Friends’ broadcasted on the 8th, members’ testimonies were made public after finishing the last business.

‘Coffee Friend’ On the last business day, Nam Joo Hyeok did not do anything bad. I finished my job wisely by setting the order, washing dishes and watching the kitchen situation. Also, when the customer leaves, Nam Ju-hyuk, who sells mandarin oranges from the outside, achieved sales by selling it with active publicity.

After the sales, ‘Coffee Friends’ members had a beer and thank each other for their efforts. First, Son said, “I did a lot of work.” Jo Jae-yoon said, “Thank you so much for calling me. When will I try this experience again? ”

“I did not know what to do with the fantastic members when I started Son Ho-joon and Coffee Friends,” he said. “At first, I said, ‘Please do this’ or ‘Let me do it.’ I was really impressed. “


“I felt like my sister was going to cut off her back, and I was really impressed by that.” Choi Ji-woo, who listened to these words, said, “I did not try to cry, but I cried when I heard this story.”

After the last business month, members of ‘Coffee Friends’ gathered again. While I was having a meal and talking, my family said, “In fact, I was not able to do anything. Because the curb was a faith in itself that you know how your brother is preparing, “he said.

Son Ho-joon, who listened to this, said, “There’s something like that. I make people think that ‘he’ll do well’. ” Cho Jae-yoon is a “meticulous and delicate friend. It is such a friend when I look at the script. I think the birth is such a child. I’m afraid, “he laughed.

Son Ho-joon said, “In fact, you can do it if you like the food that we give to you.

Hyun – suk has been nervous that Son Ho – joon should be grateful for the program, saying that he has found a classy feeling with his coffee friend. He laughed, saying, “The dripping coffee has a luxurious image.”
Cho Jae-yoon said, “When I first washed dishes, it was actually very difficult. But when that happens, the coffee that JoJun hands me is very good. ” Yang said, “I started because of curbing, but I was very thankful for being so comfortable from the beginning.”

Choi Ji – woo said, “I watched the broadcast and saw that Sejong was gradually developing. At first it was a ‘mandarin’, but on the last business day it became a chef. ”

‘Coffee Friends’ also talked about the menu they had created. The most popular menu was ‘French Toast’, followed by ‘Black Pork Tomato Stew’. All the menus were made with their care, and said ‘Cafe Friends’ is unforgettable. Jo Jae-yoon has also said that he actually played Gambas after the broadcast. Son Ho had a big dream about ‘bread’ but said he was sorry he could not do without time. In addition, part-time students were mentioned together.

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