On August 8, JTBC’s “ Come Talking ” appeared as a guest, Gagwoman Ahn Young-mi and Astro Moonbin.

In the broadcast, Ahn Young-mi and Moon Bin started the opening as a newlywed couple. At the end of the cont, Park Narae said, “Ahn Young-mi received a proposal from his boyfriend in four years.

When Dean Dean asked me, “Did you catch me?” When Jeon Hyun-moo listened to the question again, “Isn’t Ahn Yeong-mi pressured me?”

In addition, Jeon Hyun-moo praised Moon Bin, saying, “Mr. Moon Bin is famous as the physical end plate king. In addition, Moonbin confessed to having taken a health pictorial magazine proving his muscular body, which caught everyone’s attention. In response, Moon Bin confronted Dean Dean and Jeon Hyun-moo with an instant thigh wrestling.

But at the beginning, Dean and Jeon were overwhelmed by Moon Bin, and Dean laughed once again, saying, “Thanks to Moon Bin, I know where half of my body is.”

Then, the quiz battle began in earnest, and the translators, including the idioms of the translator, the mysterious words, and the name of the fruits of Southeast Asia. Park Narae’s team won in the first and second rounds and got a chance to unpack the gift. 

However, the members could not hide their embarrassment after opening the box. Inside the box was Ahn Young-mi’s favorite 19-karat gold video and a book. However, the members soon struck a laugh as they argued that they would love each other.

Ahn Young-mi not only stopped the scene with 19-kum remarks that could not be sent to the broadcast, but the production team gave a laugh by leaving the phrase “I’ve tried a lot and I’m sorry for most of the editing.”

In the third round of status messages, the boom team won the championship with Ahn Young-mi. However, Park Narae, Kim Jung-nan, Lee Jin-hyuk and Moon Se-yun won the championship two times before the final championship. 

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