“I want you to take care of the refrigerator.” Singer Hwang Ji-hee confided to me that I had a difficult time in the past.

Comprehensive channels that were broadcast on the night of the 18th JTBC entertainment program ‘Take care of the refrigerator’

On this day, Kim Sung-ju introduced “Huang Chi-hee,” an icon of a reversal of life that has gone through all the prewar events.

“When I came to Seoul, my parents were very opposed to me.” When I was a child, I looked up and said, “I’ll show you.”

Despite the opposition of his parents, his childhood was a penniless maneuver.

Hwang Geol-ji said, “I came to live with the ring, but when it came to rain, the wallpaper became black, and no light came in. It was dark to some extent, I thought the light on the router was bright. “I told him about his life in Seoul.

It was a mistake, and it was a bit of a mistake, “said Hwang Geol-ri,” I am in the ring and the air is bad, so I wanted to eat greasy meat too much. I was saddened to say.

He said, “I do not cook well, I bought a 1 KG instant cream soup because I can not afford it,” he said, preferring cheap, easy-to-cook foods.

“I ate three kinds of kimchi and rice, which were sent by my Sufi parents,” said Huang. “I still have soup if I go to the mart.”

Hwangchi-gyu bowed to the giggle of the giggle.

On February 18, JTBC’s “Please Take Care of the Fridge”, starring as a singer and a highlights starring Kiwigang.

On this day, Hwang Geol-hee told about the suffering he suffered during his obscurity. Huang Ji-hyeol said, “I lived in Hongik-dae-ji under the circumstance where I had been in Seoul. The house was dark to some extent, and the light on the router was too bright, so I put it on the electric tape. At that time, I thought, ‘Seoul is not easy to grow.’ ” “I want to eat too much meat, but I do not have money, so I ate edible oil instead of meat.”

“I have slept in one room when I was a trainee,” he said. If there is a schedule for the next day, three people wash at the same time under the shower. ”

Hwang said, “My hard work is not a pain. I slept with four people. I could shower alone.

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