Baek Jong – won ‘s YouTube channel “Baek Jong – won’ s Cooking Policy” exceeded 2 million subscribers in three weeks.

On January 11, Baek Jong-won announced the launch of the “YouTube Ecosystem Destroyer”, which has exceeded 100,000 subscribers within three hours of opening. The channel absorbed subscribers at a tremendous pace, reaching the top of a million netizens on the third of three days.

Through this channel, Baek Jong-won introduces a variety of recipes ranging from pork knuckle steak curry that can be made into a rice bowl to making 100 servings of meat-based stir-fry. In addition to recipe, we show lecture video which shows know-how of own business.

Baek Jong-won directly said the moment he started YouTube on the video. He said, “It is not wrong to go around to the ‘Baek Jong-won recipe’ but it was transformed differently from the one I made,” he said. I wanted to tell you the correct recipes.

He said he wanted to give him confidence in cooking and he said, “The taste depends on how well the food is cooked. I will do the recipe on the cookbook or on the air. “He said.

“I have a lot of people who have a lot of knowledge on YouTube, such as food, food, recipes, and the origin of food, and I am one of those people who enjoy cooking and have a lot of fun, “We are hoping that this YouTube channel will be a way to be interested in cooking,” he said while expressing modesty.

The video that recorded the most views was “This is business scale! Baek Jong-won’s first large-scale recipe, making the meat stir-fry 100 servings’. This video boasts more than 4.2 million views.

Baek Jong-won confirms its enormous influence through this YouTube content. It has proved that Baek Jong-won, the character itself, has become a ‘killer content’ so that he does not have to borrow the power of broadcasting.

Baek Jong-won has previously collected recipes from MBC ‘MY RITAL TELEVISION’ by sharing recipes that can easily be made in the name of ‘Baek Juju’. Since then TVN has transformed into a full-fledged cooking instructor in the ‘Pilgrimage Pilgrimage’, and has created numerous ‘national recipes’ every time. In TVN ‘Eat, Sleep and Eat’, foreigners using foreign food unfamiliar to the audience challenged various dishes and offered unique attractions.

In SBS ‘Baek Jong-won’s Three Great Kings’, he found, analyzed and introduced national restaurants, and got a new nickname, ‘Encyclopedia’. As the ‘Three Great Kings’ became ‘food trucks’, they showed their consultant talents as a gourmet industry god and the ‘food truck’ changed into ‘alley dining room’ and challenged to save the alley merchandise.

If Cook has made Baek Jong – won a star, it is no exaggeration to say that Baek Jong – won is contributing to the life of Cook room. The love calls of the broadcasters to Baek Jong-won, such as Olive ‘Korean Food Catch’, tvN ‘Street Food Fighter’, ‘High School Feeding King’, SBS ‘Mystery Kitchen’, JTBC ‘

Baek Jong-won, on YouTube video, said, “This cookbook is great, but I do not have to buy it.” “A cup of coffee is the best at work.” ” And the running restaurant business brand, but the netizen response is higher than the broadcasting PPL.

Baek Jong-won has been using this influence for good and gaining more favorable responses. Recently, onion farmers who are struggling with the onion price collapse are struggling to support the contents by making 5 contents using onion.

Baek Jong-won has been welcoming and receiving support from subscribers by disclosing how to keep and store onions in the name of ‘all-purpose onion stir-fried masterpiece’, the process of making an all-in-one onion stir-fry, and recipe of foods utilizing it.

Baek Jong-won is a food icon that can not be replaced. It is noteworthy how he will utilize the enormous influence that is going beyond the broadcast to the recipe of dish and the culture of eating out in the future.

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