Gong Hyo-jin, Kim Sun-ah, Bae Jong-ok. Kim Hye-yoon, who focused the viewers’ attention with ‘SKY Castle’ on the wooden drama series that captured the viewers, challenged him with the new work ‘Daily Discovered Day’. The appearance of ‘academy’, which is 180 degrees different from previous works, adds ‘fun to choose’.

The first broadcast of MBC tree drama ‘Brother Found One Day’, which was first broadcasted on the 2nd, is based on the webtoon ‘Junly Found July’. It attracted attention from the beginning of production by setting up a pure academy with romantic comedy.

Most of all, it’s like ‘torn out the webtoon’, creating a perfect 2D visual. If you keep an eye on the channel for a while, let’s take a look at the charm of this drama that will make you 60 minutes.

# ‘Fresh’ school in the sister bombing, can not be more unique

‘The day I discovered by chance’ draws a full-blown school romance drama where the thrilling student Eun Dan Oh (Kim Hye Yoon Boon) goes against a certain fate and achieves love.

The setting of the drama hero ‘Dan-Dao’ is full of conditions that are rarely met in the recent drama. Although he is a rich daughter, he has been suffering from heart disease since childhood and has gone through a number of major surgeries. He has a cheerful and cheerful personality, and lives a life surrounded by hotties friends who are considered A3. In the meantime, he realizes that his memory keeps being erased. By accident, Mi-chae Chae (Italian), I found out that the world he lives in is a world of comics called ‘secrets’ and that cartoon characters have their own ego and ‘delete memory’.

Above all, Eun-Dano learned that he was a manga player in the manga, and decided not to live according to the fate set by the artist.

Because pure manga is the background of the drama, the entrance barrier may be the squiggling lines of “you are in this” or the awkwardness that the viewer’s hands and feet will be lost due to the setting beyond imagination. But for those who learned their fluttering text in their early teens and those who had heard of teen romance in comic books, the scramble of the ‘one day I found out’ quickly became familiar.

# ‘SKY Castle’ Yesterday removed, Kim Hye-yun’s ‘Dangdangbaek’ hard carry

Earlier this year, Kim Hye-yoon, who took an intense eye paint on the room as an ambitious woman, Kang Ye-seo, dreams of Seoul Medical University, shows a 180-degree change by ‘the day she discovered.’ In the thought that ‘the protagonist of my life is me’, he rejected the fate of his life and transformed himself into a teenage teenage eun-dan who moves independently.

Above all, as the drama unfolds around Eundan Oh, Kim Hye Yoon leads the play through stages (scenes flowing according to the artist’s cartoon story) and shadows (scenes with awakened characters that do not correspond to comic pages).

Kim Hye-yun captures viewers with detailed acting enough to change her tone, eyes, and small behaviors between Eun-dan Oh of the stage moving with the set value and Shadow Eun-oh of the self-created shadow. Despite his enormous volume, his unpassioned enthusiasm is the greatest treasure of ‘the day he discovered.’ 

Drama director Kim Sang-hyeop told the TV report: “When I saw Kim’s previous work, I felt a variety of spectrum. Above all, I felt that Kim Hye-yun had a good sense of passing over the senses, meals, and so on. ” I think in many ways (cast Kim Hye-yun) is a good choice. ”

# Through the webtoon, ‘Visual Restaurant’

There is an A4 that boasts 2D visuals that seem to break through the original webtoon. The four men in the play are considered to be male gods and have an average height of 186cm, giving viewers ‘fun to watch’.

Baek Kyung (Lee Jae-wook) is Dano’s 10-year-old partner and fiancé, third in the A3 rank. Lee Do Hwa (Jun Kun-ju) is a man-made secret man who is considered to be a man of love and tenderness. To complete.

In addition to the age, nationality, and origin, the name is secret, but it appears every day when the delicacy stir-fry appears on the meal.

In addition, Kim Hye-yoon and Roh of Eundan-oh’s role add to their ‘physical chemistry’, which also plays a large part in completing the ‘visual restaurant’.

Kim Sang-hyeop said, “It took me three months to cast an actor. I selected and selected these actors. I know my worries about having a lot of rookies, but I’m not just about newcomers. I will grow into notable actors. ”

Wednesdays and Thursdays occupy the middle of a fierce day or a tired week. If you are looking for a drama that can lightly remind you a week, I highly recommend ‘Day of Discovery.’ You can see me waiting for you to start counting on Thursdays.

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