Oh Yeon-seo and Ahn Jae-hyun had their first pink night. The unrequited love is over.

In the MBC ‘Defective Humans’ broadcasted on the 15th, a scene of Minhyuk (Salvation) giving up him for Seoyeon (Oh Yeon-seo) is depicted.

Currently, Kang Hee (Hwang Woo Seul-hye) is in a relationship with Seo Yeon’s brother Won Jae (Min Woo-hyuk). The relationship with the raw material is deepening, and Kang-hui finds her brother Kang-woo (who is Ahn Jae-hyun). I’ll take care of your emotional and material damages. Just say anything. ”

However, Rain made it clear that she can’t give up Seo Yeon with the words, “I can’t do it.” Even if it’s over, Kang-hee said, “I am. I’m done. I like it, but there’s something complicated. I just think and don’t want to miss it. ”

The same is true for Minhyuk. Minhyuk, who took off his trauma while working at a university hospital, complained of a lack of affection. The person who embraced Minhyuk is Seo Yeon. So Minhyuk said, “Why do you keep worrying about me? People flutter ”.

Seo Yeon’s brother Seo Joon (Kim Jae Yong) also noted Minhyuk’s reaction. Before Seo-yeon, Seo-joon asked Minhyuk, “Do you like our sister?” Without a break from Seoyeon, Minhyuk replied, “I like it.

Suh said, “Isn’t your sister dating Mr. Baek Soo? I even stayed overnight. I didn’t see it, but it’s a spectacle. ”

Again, Minhyuk smiled bitterly, but he wrote in front of the rain. If it was another guy, I would have started to get rid of it. Why is it? ” Rain said, “I’m sorry. You’re not like it. I am sorry that you are not like you. ”

Even so, Mr. Oh (Yun Hae-young) opposes that the relationship between Seoyeon and Rain is ripe. On this day, they had a pink date and shared their excitement.

But just up there. Seo Yeon, who was deliberately equipped with underwear, was embarrassed by the rain that sent me safely (?). “I know it’s embarrassing,” he shouted. Rain, on the other hand, suppressed the desire for the inexperienced Seo Yeon to frighten away.

In the end, Minhyuk said, “I’m sorry. Ask me if I can give up on the main teacher. ” “I’ll do my best,” Seo-yeon asked, “Will you give up on me?” No longer like the state teacher. I think I can do it. ”

The confession and apology of Seoyeon said, “It was a precious time for me. So don’t have that kind of mind. Thank you for letting me like you. ” Seoyeon embraced Minhyuk in her arms, and Rain, who witnessed this scene, expressed jealousy.

In addition to Oh’s (Kim Young-ok’s) recognition, Seo Yeon’s relationship with the rain added more wings. This is Minhyuk’s consideration for Seo Yeon. On this day’s broadcast, Rain and Seoyeon, who are spending their first night in pink, are depicted, raising the curiosity about the development.

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