Harib’s struggling to find a first-class soul provoked laughter, and the story with Kim Lee-kyung (Lee Seol-bun), who began to become entangled in earnest, also aroused curiosity.

On this day, Harib learned that his musical inspiration was the song of someone the devil had stolen. Furthermore, Harib felt guilty that he had stolen the song of the unknown singer-songwriter Kim Kyung-kyung twice by chance. Harib saved Kim Lee-kyung, who was in trouble, with the help of the demon Motae Kang (Park Sung-woong) to relieve her sorry feelings. But he still had a tough assignment called “Lessons and Hits.”

Motae Kang, who is not concerned with the feelings of Harib, has popped in to take a song lesson. The lesson could be faithful, but Harib, who was conscientious to sell the soul of another, protested fiercely to the devil, but Motae threatened to recover the soul immediately. Eventually, Harib went out in search of a desperate soul, as Motae River said, “We choose humans at the end of despair as the object of soul trafficking.” Harib, who had been contemplating, visited the Motae River with Siho (Jung Won-young) who said, “I will sell souls for my song.

But the devil’s ‘guards’ were endless. There is no reason to contract a soul that is more insignificant than Harib, and he added a condition to save a healthy and beautiful first-class soul. Motae gave a hint to the innocent Harib. The first-class soul was a tip that there is nothing to shake off because there is no evil inside. Harib was a temple, a church and a butcher, seeking first-class souls, but could not find a clear answer.

In addition, Kim Lee-kyung was on the street due to a real estate fraud. To make matters worse, Luca (Songgang) and a four-dimensional boy who stumbled across the road changed her bag and she was in a hurry. I spent a while in a cafe with the help of Gong Soo Rae (Kim Won Hae), but it became difficult even as the night was about to hit. Kim Kyung-kyung finds someone’s shabby house with a lonely and sad heart. It was nothing but a single room in Seodongcheon (Jung Kyung-ho). Kim’s appearance, sitting under the eaves and singing loneliness, aroused her curiosity as she overlapped with her childhood. Seo Dong-cheon was sitting alone in a single room and wrote down songs. What was the relationship between the two people, the curiosity of the past unveiled the curiosity.

At the end of the broadcast, the comical reversal down the ‘devil’ caused a boom. Worrying about a first-class soul deepened, Harib, who could not sleep until dawn, entered the bathroom to take a shower. However, when I walked through the curtains, Kim Yi-kyung, who was cleaning while wearing earphones, appeared. Harib urgently lifted his toes and pressed her head to hide his nakedness. Harib’s trembling voice screaming “Please don’t look back, please.”

Harib’s story, which began to fulfill the contract in earnest to shoot souls, completely pushed the home theater with unpredictable development. The intertwining relationship between Lee Choong-ryul (Kim Hyung-mook) and Luca amplified curiosity, while the reverse laughter of ‘soul mortgage comic fantasy’ provided fresh pleasure. In particular, the synergy between Chung Kyung-ho and Park Sung-woong, who comically released ‘The Relationship of Souls,’ was another topic. I wondered if Harib could find a first-class soul, and what the real devil’s real confrontation led him to find the pinch of the soul. The bizarre loveliness of Motae and Ji Seo-young (whose EL) met again added to the fun. Ji Seo-young, who didn’t know that his ex-husband broke up and returned as a devil, was shaken by the sweet Motae River without a soul. Mo Tae-gang also began to respond to a drop of her tears, announcing the beginning of a dangerous ‘something’ between the devil and humans.

The three devils broadcast on this day recorded 2.530% (based on Nielsen Korea, the nation’s paid platform households).

On the other hand, the 4 devils will be broadcast on tvN at 9:30 pm on the 8th.

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