“Did you say power? It’s an irrelevant story. I’m just going to do my duty here and return to school in 60 days. As before, “Park Min-jin (Ji Jin-hee), acting on behalf of the presidential authority in the TVN monthly drama <60 Days, Designated Survivor>, said so to Han Chu-woo. Park Moo-jin, who has been acting as President of the Republic of Korea, But neither the people nor the staff members of the Blue House senior advisers believed him. In a situation where distrust and anxiety are growing, one week’s win advised Park Moo-jin, “By showing that the Republic of Korea is still healthy, get the trust of the Blue House staff and support from the people.”

Trust and support It was the advice of one week that it was power, but Park Moo Jin did not accept it. What I thought was power and that I had nothing to do with myself. He came up to take on the role of president, but he thought it was not his will. So exercising power is far from herself.

However, the meaning of not exercising power in the place of acting as president was meant to be a “blank of the state”. That led to immediate violence. In anxiety and fear, the fake news that the defectors led the terrorism spread rapidly, and the extreme right groups started violent acts in the market where the refugees buried.

A politician has also appeared to take the opportunity of ‘the blanks of the national government’ as an opportunity. The mayor of Kang Sang-gu, who is regarded as a powerful candidate for next-generation passport, has placed several defectors on the charge of declaring Bogil Mohyeon District as a Special Inspection Area and committing special judicial police to commit illegal acts. It was a political move to get into the empty seat of power and to announce its presence.

Among the refugees who were so burdened were my wife, Choi Kyong-yeon (lawyer). Knowing that it is a dangerous situation if she is suffering from a chronic illness and does not get an injection, Choi asked her husband, Ms. Jin, to use her strength. However, when he called Kang Sang-gu, he asked me to release the district-special inspection area, but he sneered and turned me down. In the end, Park Moo-jin came to realize the story of one week that there is nothing he can do without power.

Park Moo – jin hears the news that the defected North Korean defectors have finally died, and decides to issue a ‘presidential decree’. But there was a challenge here. This is because the authority of the authority has to be in accordance with the existing order and status quo. Moreover, even if his interpretation of the constitutional provisions was different, his choice meant his political move. He said that he had no relation to himself because he was going to do his duty and return to the people.

However, this time, Han Ji-woo opposed the idea that he should dismiss himself if he issues a presidential decree. However, it could be that the experience of doing ‘exercise of power’ was done properly to Park Moo – jin who said that there is no will to power. Although he was hesitant for a moment, Park Moo Jin dismissed the one – week win and said, “Power is like this. Do you still think you have no power? ”

What does it mean to have a story about “will power” in the 60th day, the designated survivor, in the first step of acting as President Park, Moo Jin? It is for the sake of clarity that politics is the product of power. We often have a negative impression of power in politics. It is probably going through dictatorship and experiencing a lot of negative aspects of political power. Even so, it is not uncommon to dismiss politics itself as an exercise of power. But that indifference causes a worse political situation. This is because there are people who come into the vacancy and exercise the wrong power.

However, this is only the case for politicians such as the president. The process by which Park Moo-jin, who was just trying to get his feet off as an unavoidable obligation, exercised his power to prevent the confusion caused by him, is equally applicable to our common people. The people who are voters also have to exercise rights and power in their respective positions for a better world. The reason why Park Moo-jin, who awakens his power in the 60th day, is a big reason for our common people.

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