In the 12th episode of the TVN TV drama ’60 Days, Designated Survivors’, which was broadcast on the 12th, Park Mu-jin (Ji-Jin-Min) prepared for the presidential election with Cha Young-jin (Song Seok-gu).

On this day, Park Moo-jin asked Cha Young-jin, “Do you really need the party?” And Chae Young-jin asked, “Isn’t anyone who wasn’t party? Cha Moo-jin said, “I’m already a politician that no one can deny. There will be friction with terrorists when the next regime is established. Said.

Then he looked at Cha Young-jin and said, “I’m sorry. Cha Young-jin would have wanted to re-create the regime under the ruling party …” However, Cha Young-jin surprised the Jeong-jeong secretary and Park Moo-jin with a smile, “It’s going to be a huge handicap in the election process. But let’s do it.

However, Han Joo-seung said to Cha Young-jin, “I’m different from what you think. For Park, it’s good to go back to school after 60 days. I don’t believe it’s not Park. Did you forget how much people laughed at the goodwill of President Lee, who has not deserved a good president, and Koreans have chosen Oh Young-seok who wields power on the spot? You won’t be chosen, and you’ll eventually fail. Like me. ”

Cha Young-jin, who was not disappointed by Han Joo-seung’s words, said, “If the people choose your agent. Would you like to join the camp if your support rating exceeds Oh?

That day. Park attended Roh Ju-hyun’s premiere and saw her coming out. The appearance was a major blow to Park Moo-jin, who was preparing legislation against anti-discrimination law, and the media began to interpret it in a weird way, including Park’s support for homosexuals. Oh Young-seok (Lee Joon-hyuk) made a political use of it by publishing a statement.

After the news of Park Moo-jin’s legislation against anti-discrimination law was announced, Park’s approval rating, which was first announced after running for president, fell far behind Oh Young-suk. Kang Sang-gu went to Yoon Chan-kyung (Bae Jong-ok) and said, “Let’s get rid of Park Moo-jin.” “We tried to go through the legislative review. We couldn’t go to the deliberation of the State Council.”

In particular, she said, “It’s something that can be done within Park’s term. Let’s split the bomb. Equally. If we miss this chance, the Republic of Korea will not be able to create a non-discriminatory law. It will be hard. ”

Director Roo Ju-hyun came to Park Moo-jin and said, “It’s been a lot harder since I came out. I’m a house child, and I don’t see anything difficult. You can use me. Since that day, I have lived a real life. Thanks to it. I thought it was a light beggar, but I also created. For the first time in my life, I’m going to the polling place. ”

On the other hand, at the end of the broadcast, Park Moo-jin called Cha Young-jin, saying, “I am a presidential candidate but I am still acting as an authority. I will do my duty and responsibility. Convene the Council. The agenda is a non-discrimination law.” Added.

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