On June 29, SBS weekend special drama ‘Fate and anger (directed by Jeong Dong-yoon, dramatic jinin, Jeon Chan-ho)’ was drawn to Lee Hara (Lee Min-jeong).

On this day, Lee (Lee Min Jung) told Tae In-joon (Joo Sang-wook), “I congratulate the marriage, but there is something to say. When I asked about the meaning, I asked him, “Do you mind?” I thought it was a joke. However, he continued to shake. “It does not look happy,” said Hara. “I feel the same, and I regret it if I let it all go down like this.” “I do not care if I’m happy or not,” he said. I love Suhyun. He said, “It was just a speech, I congratulate you.” Injun has continued to look at the back of those hats.

Hara went to Tao who waited for herself (Lee Ki-woo) and told the situation. Tao said, “I will be sure to do it next time.” “If you can not be sure, your sister will be hurt.” Tae-Ra said, “I decide how to do it.”

While I was studying Chae Soo Hyun, I found out that he went to study in Hong Kong before becoming an announcer, and that he was in Hong Kong during that same time. Besides, Tao knew that when he came to Korea he came in with a child who was not alone.

The next day, Suhyeon and Hara came to ride in the company elevator. Hara stopped the elevator and warned, “If you have something to hide, you have to hide it better. If you get caught by me, you will end up on that day.” Suhyun’s breath was tightened.


Tao continued to contact Suhyun, but he did not receive any tongue. Tao’s betrayal grew bigger. At this time, I received a phone call from my mother, Suhyeon, and I met him at the end. Tae-oh said, “If you save Jenny, she will not do anything to your daughter’s life.” However, Suhyun’s mother warned her, “I can not do anything for my daughter.”

Injun was constantly attracted to Suhyun. Then I got the information that Jin-tae had received his license and approached Him. “I do not care”, he did not believe. Injun said, “It’s not like that.” I doubted whether Tae-oh and Tae-oh were dating. Then I went to the place where Hara lives. I was worried about not going to the company for two days. Hara was surprised at the appearance of such confirmation. I asked her if she broke up with Dae Jae Tae. I asked him if it was true that he was not dating Taeo, and he said, “Why should I answer my private life?” Confirmation avoided the answer to the question of what relationship to the end.

Injun handed the monthly application form and told him to take care of the absenteeism. If you are going to lose company in the future, please contact yourself.
“I am worried about it.” “Do not get hurt, sick, or for any reason, do not fall into the company. Call me first.” And asked “Is it staff management? I was surprised at the answer. Confirmation entered his number on the cell phone.

Hara studied her daughter, Jenny, and confirmed Jenny with her eyes. Then I took it as a picture. I called out to Tao, and I handed the gift box. Inside, it was a gift for Taeo, not Tae-oh, and Dae-hyun’s daughter, Jenny, who revealed that she knew Jenny’s existence. He warned me, “Do not try to intimidate me,” saying, “I have taken one weak point and I will do the same to my sister.”

Confirmation and Suhyun had a meeting with their families. I was told by the confirmation that I had to call myself whatever I was being threatened by the messenger, and I made a phone call to him at the moment of crisis. Injun cautioned that it was not in the voice of the hacker who just said “ask me to rescue him” and went out of his way. I’m sorry to say, “I am sorry,” said Hara ‘s face hurt. Tara said, “Will you stay with me today?”

On the other hand, ‘fate and anger’ means a woman who loves a man to change her destiny, a man who knows that it is destiny, a man who loves her, a woman who wants to win a man for her purpose, Is a realistic melodrama featuring mixed love and anger.

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