In the 8th SBS weekend drama ‘Destiny and Anger’ broadcasted on the 8th, Taein Jun (Ju Sang-wook), who can not keep his eyes on Goh Ha Ra (Minminjeon), was portrayed.

“I am going to move on, I am going to be dragged into my life,” I vowed in front of my sister-in-law, Chun Su-yeon. I’ll be greedy. Where my shoes will take me. I did not regret the man’s hand, “he told Jin Tae-oh (Ki-woo). He said, “The man came as the man said,” and Jin-tae said, “Come with me. He said, “I have someone to go to Seoul together and solve it.” And Jin-tae said he would solve the sister-in-law’s problem.

I joined Tae In-jun’s company to get it. At that time, I got a poster of Cha Soo-hyun and looked at the poster to get it. I asked him to meet with Jin Tao, but Jin-tae said, “It’s a new model, right? I’m your model.” “Ah, did not you tell me?

Cha Soo – hyun, who ran to the company, said, “I came to you really,” he said. Cha Seo-hyun drove Koo Ha Ra, but said, “I can not stop Cha Seo-hyun.” He said, “When I am still good, when I say good words, why do not I?” He said, “I used to do it because I did not get fat even if it was not beautiful.” Cha Soo-hyun hit the cheek of Goh Ha, and then Tae Jun-jun showed up and stopped Cha Soo-hyun.

Taein Jun warned Cha Seo-hyun, “This is my workplace. Do not cross it. Cha Seo-hyun said, “Did you forget? I was covered with my face in front of the company? This is participation.” Tae In-joon said, “I hired you as a model. When Tae Jun-jong did not do what he wanted, Chae Soo-hyun moved Tae-pilun (a high-ranking man). Cha Soo-hyun, who became an art director, told Tae In-joon, “I’m going to be inside, so do not touch me.”

I faced Jeon Jae – joon, assuming a coincidence with Jin – tae ‘s plan to get that evening. One or two to welcome you alone. Tae Jun-jun said, “I was curious to say that I should not give a heart to me in Busan,” and answered, “It was the answer to that kiss. “He said. Tae Jun-jun asked, “Do you want to forget? Do you answer any questions?” He said, “Do you think so?” Cha Soo-hyun was watching the two people.

Cha Seo-hyun went to Jin-tae and said, “Is it because of me seeing the gold art gallery collars? When Jin-tae replied “Yes,” Cha-Soo Hyun said to me, “Is it a revenge for gold shoji to win?” “It’s not my thing,” said Jin-tae, “you’re nervous while working together. I do not care about Chae Soo – hyun, “Jin – tae, do you still like me? I’ll have to prepare thoroughly, I’ll show you clearly who you are touching.

Jin-tae asked the go-ahead for progress. He said, “I did not know it was the type of homework test.” Jin-tae said, “It’s not an exam, but I’d like to check it,” he said.

In the meantime, Taein Jun gave a shoe to Gukhara. Tae Jun-jun said, “I want you to wear this shoes first. It is said that the shoes will fit the size, saying, “Let’s put the wings on Mr. Hara.” “I’m not big, but I’m a little big,” and smiled at my mouth.

On the other hand, Cha Soo-hyun started the investigation of Goh Ha. “It is you from the beginning, Jin Tao,” said Cha Soo-hyun.

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