In SBS’s “Dignity of the Empress” broadcasted on the 23rd, it was revealed that Seok Kang-hee (Yoon So-hee) killed Sohyeon Empress (Seo Eun-min) seven years ago.

On this day, Yi Hyuk (Shin Sung-rok) read the novel “The Last Spencer” which was filled with the death of Soshun Emperor (Seung Eun Min) in the proposal of Oh Sunny (Jang Na-ra) at the meeting place with the reader hosted by Taehu Kang .

At this time, the caliphate shouted “Stop.” At that moment,a veterinarian (Kim Myung-soo) appeared and said, “Is my daughter dead like this? Who did he kill?”

At this time, Yoon (Oh Seung-yoon) appeared. “I have seen everything,” he said. “Empress Sookeun drowned in the pond and drowned.” In the meantime, Vincent Lee, who wrote his novel, said, “Seven years ago, there was Empress Sophia and Emma, ​​my brother in the pond, and the sign of Sophia Emperor was manipulated, which is why I wrote this novel.”

Lee Hyeok said to O’Shannie, “It was a crime to do,” he said, deceiving himself that Empress Sohyeon and Kang Ju-soo (Yugun) were unhappy.

Chun Woo-bin (Choi Jin-hyeok) informed his mother of this fact, and Taeheo visited Lee Hyuk and Oh Sunny. Oh Sunny told the calamity, “Do you think you will be separated from me and your majesty like in the days of Sohyeon Empress?”

The angry kingdom hit on Sunny ‘s cheek. After that, Oh Sunny said, “I have to show that it is not a puppet in the future,” he said. “If anything is difficult, talk to me.”

Chun Woo-bing told Othanny, “I do not like Emma Mama to go out for the reform, I hate her for her birth, I do not like anything that can not be done on the spot, just get out of the palace. Oh, Sunny smiled.

After that, Chun Woo-bing taught Oh Sonnie to “I can not protect my mummy forever.”

Lee Hyeok went to the womb and asked, “Why did you make up the body of Sho Hyun Empress?” He asked, “Why did you lie to me?” “I do not want you to be so happy,” he said, “because my majesty did not believe until the end.” Lee Hyuk said, “My life has been ruined because I am happy. I was sick. ”

Then he said, “I will give up to be a bloody child today, I have lost a child.” So the caliphate said, “Good, I have to leave my majesty.”

In order to catch the Naeungik (Minjyu) (Minjyu Choi Jinhyuk), he secretly caught Na Dongsik-min and brought it to the palace. Naeunggik encountered Dongsik at the palace. However, Dong – sik pretended not to know Nae – king as previously described by the vice – wise student.

Naomi met with Dongsik with the help of Oh Sunny, and Naomi promised “my brother will surely protect me”.

Meanwhile, Lee Hyeok was surprised that the DNA of Sookmyung’s remains was not human. At this time, Oh Sunny informed him that “the ending is strange” and that there is actually a flower field of Phrygian in the Hanwha Garden. Lee Hyeok, who was worried that the body of Sohyeon Empress was in the flower field of Phrygia like a novel, went out to find the flower field of Phrygia, and at that moment, there was a whisper, Oh Sunny, Yoon, and reporter.

Prof. Yoon said, “Did you come to find the body of Empress Sohyeon that your majesty killed?” “What is the truth of the day?” “Empress Sŏnhye is not here, I buried it in the royal court. Actually, the body of Empress Sohyeon was found in the backyard of the imperial court.


So, he invited the nurse Suh Kang, and said, “Please tell me that you saw Sihyeon pushed out of the pond and kill it.” “If you do as I say, I will make Ari an emperor now.

In this process, it was revealed that Seo Kang Hee was the person who killed Sohyeon Empress seven years ago. He said, “Seven years ago, my choice was right,” and Oh Sunny was suspicious of his identity when he saw a picture of himself and Chun Woo-bing’s paparazzi in Kang-hee’s room.

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