In the cable channel OCN drama ‘God’s Quiz: Riboot’ 15th broadcast, the figure of Han Jin-woo (Ryu Duk-hwan), who remembered the name of the shimpul (Kim Jae Won), was drawn.

On this day, Han Jin-woo replicated his brain and found that Kodas was made. My mother, Jung Hyeonwon and Shin Yeonhwa (Seo Yongjung) were doing things. It was a system made up of Han Ji-won’s childhood name Han Ju-won. Asked why Han Jin-woo sent a message to help her, Kodans said, “The system has become dangerous due to the wrong conclusion.” Kwak Hyeong-min reported that he entered different values ​​and caused errors in the process of autopsy output of one-week group deaths.

In the meantime, Kwak Hyeong-min (Kim Joon-han) was getting worse and Seo-chan (Kim Ho-jung) knew that Kwak Hyeong-min was trying to access Kodas as information of the Hyunjeon Welfare Center. Suh said, “I hate the stance-like cubs like you.” Kwak said, “I will give it back once again.” However, Suh said, “There is nothing I can do back to the world. It is a common excuse for people to ruin everything, to return it.”

After the soldier came out, the pencil called Kwak Hyeong – min. Kwak said he was restoring the USB, but the pencil was holding USB that had already been thrown into the trash. She said, “I do not know how to decide the last person to kill, the one who wants to kill the most painfully, the one who wants to give me a chance to live once,” said Kwak.

“It is fair that you have to be punished more than you, so I am doing this,” he said, and trampled the antidote. When asked if there was not an attempt to give an antidote to Kwak Hyeong-min, he said, “Yes, you guys are forgiven forever, I hope you will be born next time I will be born to you next year and I will go to you.”

Kwak Hyeong-min, who came to the side of Goungshil, recalled that Goung-chil Chung was responsible for his mistakes and said, “The best love I can give is responsibility.” Kwak said, “I know it, but I know it, but it does not work well.” At that time, Han Jin-woo appeared, asking Kwak Hyeong-min for the truth, but Kwak hyeong-min refused and vomited blood.

Hanjin decided to make an antidote. I also noticed that there is a record of the Hyundai Welfare Center in Kodas. Kodans has destroyed it, but it’s stored in a hidden folder. I had to get my password.

On the other hand, the pencil came into the vice chairman Han Chi-soo, and Mr. Seo-jung said, “Let’s negotiate. I will compensate for all the pain you have suffered.” The pencil poured the virus into the pouch, and the body lighted and disappeared slowly. The villain also invaded the hospital. At that time, Han Jin-woo showed up and was stabbed in the process of struggle.

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