Kim Yoo Jung gave farewell to Yoon Gyun-sang.

On the 28th, JTBC’s “Do It Hot Clean”, Gil Osol (Kim Yu-jung) did not contact the house, but left Jang Sun-gyun.

The prime minister approached him to wipe the milk on the lips of Gilseol, saying “Cute” and kissed him. At this time, he received a letter from his sister O’Dol (Lee Do Hyun) saying that he would be confused with his father. Osol hurried back home and lied to Father Gil Jae-tae, “I slept in the house of Joo-yeon (Doo-hee).” I made a phone call to Yu-hyun, but Fortunately, Yu-hyun lied to Oddol, saying, “Osol was drunk and could not go home.”

On this day, the prime minister confessed to Osol about the incident that had her traumatic trauma. At the playground, the prime minister said, “It’s traumas. When I was a kid, a girl threw a snot into my mouth.” Osol said, “I also like to play with a boy when I was young, so I threw a snot and it fits in my mouth, but I was alive with artificial respiration.

Osol said, “I remember he liked me and I was blushing.” Then Prime Minister Yoon said, “Did the child have fainted?” Osol said, “How did you know? I fainted and I breathed.” Osol realized that he had met him again when he was younger, and he was happy and gave his audience an excuse.

Chang Jae-cheol went out on a movie theater with Gilseol. But he could not overcome his frustration and borrowed the entire movie theater. Osol noticed this and said, “You do not have to overdo it.”

Nevertheless, the princi- ple strived to fix his emptiness for his sake. He went to Choi Gun (Song Jae-rim) and asked how to get rid of the phobias. Choi asked, “Why did you feel uncomfortable?” Chang said, “I am going to change because of the way I go.

Choi led the prime minister to the camp site. Choi said, “I can not let you regret giving up on the road, I want you to protect me from anything, I do not think you should give up. The prime minister replied, “I will never give up.

But the prime – osol couple seemed to walk only the flower way. Chairman Cha (Ahn Seok-hwan) used the disciplinary committee of Gil Odol (Lee Do Hyun) to injure Gil Solsol, who disobeyed his command. Oddol was suspended from the disciplinary committee. Oldol was told about the disposition of Osol in relation to Osol, and he said, “Dad, what are you talking about?”

After returning home after a dream-like date, I found out that Osso’s grandfather of the AG group is the prime minister. Father Gyeong – tae said, “Why, he ‘s a granny, I met him without knowing that he was a grandson. Osol was shocked by the impression that he could not believe it.

Osol drowned in the rain and visited the house of prime. The prerequisite was the car that was preparing to propose to Osol. However, Osol said, “We will stop now. “I do not know what I’m talking about,” he said, “What do you mean? Osol said, “I just did not like it, so I can not even see your face.”

After returning home, he was distressed. Since then, Osol has completely stopped drinking the phone without receiving the phone call. The prerequisite came to the house when Osol did not receive the telephone. I heard only cold words that “I should not meet with my daughter anymore” because of the prerequisites that faced Gyeong-tae. The prime minister who had counseled Choi Min-myeon at the end came face to face.

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