Park Hye-mi, who had a car accident because he couldn’t see his eyes, was hospitalized. As soon as she opened her eyes, Park Hye-mi asked her next grandfather to her, “Please give me some water.” Grandpa went to get water, but Park couldn’t stand it and began to drink the sap. The doctor saw it and ran to Park.

Hur Min-ki, who was released from the warehouse, found Park Hye-mi. But Park Hye-mi didn’t recognize Huh Min-ki and said, “I don’t know who there is, but can you turn it on?” Hur Min-ki told Park Hye-mi, “Don’t keep joking around. All the lights are on.” Park Hye-mi was embarrassed and said, “Is all the lights?”

Hur Min-ki was surprised to see Park’s actions and asked her, “Do you see your fingers? How many are these?” But she cried, “I don’t see it. Please turn it on.” The doctor told Huh Min-ki and Jung-eun, “Park Hye-mi is a traumatic optic neuropathy due to temporary memory loss. The memory will return soon, but the optic nerve should be left behind.”

Heo Min-ki asked, “Can I take an MRI? I have something to check. I’ll ask you a favor.” While I saw Park’s MRI results, he said, “This is a possibility of addiction. It cannot be reversed.”

Jung-eun went to Park Hye-mi and asked, “Did you use chemicals recently? I think that’s why. But Park Hye-mi replied, “No. I just got a call at the call center.”

En route and UDC began to find out where Park had worked so far. UDC learned that Park Hye-mi recently worked for the CNC Foundation’s cell phone component department. “I know what’s causing the blindness. Methanol. It’s a coolant that cools off the heat. It’s obvious that it’s cheaper than alcohol.” UDC staff decided to go to the company and conduct an investigation.

However, UDC Center Director Gong Il-soon (Park Ji-young) said to the team members, “We decided to stay out of this case.”

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