In the KBS drama “Doctor Prisoner” broadcasted on the 10th, the figure of Nae-jin (Minami-keummin) who drives Sunmin-ei (Kim Byung-cheol) to the corner was drawn.

On the day of the siege of the Sunmin ceremony, one of the salt (Kwon Nara) suffered a fatal injury.

He added, “Though the boss puts blood in the hands of others to win, I put blood in my hands to win, and I will show you how to win.”

“I do not think I have a chance to win me,” he said, adding, “I have already begun a prosecution investigation.” You are now finished, “He said.

Since then, the first meeting of Na Hyun and one of his salt brothers, Han-light, has been revealed. In the past, I had a first-aid treatment for an inmate who ruptured the mesenteric artery during a physical examination for entering a prison. At that time, Hanbit helped, and the two were put together as medical practitioners. Hanbit said, “My sister is at Taegang Hospital. It is a salt.” She asked me to shake her hand.

Hanlight said, “I came in because there is someone to meet. It is a secret to my sister.” However, Hanbit, who had become a special slave, grew increasingly sad after meeting Sunmin. I was confused when I saw Hanbit, and I learned that Sunmin Diet had taken medicine.

Hanbit was afraid, saying, “If I get out of here, I might die.” He said, “If you come out of me, I will try to get him to take medicine.” He is a real scary person. “He said,” If I go wrong, will you go to the Senator Jeong Min-

On the other hand, I now have a prosecution investigation on Kim Seok-woo (Lee Ju-seung). So now I went to visit Oh Jung-hee (Kim Jong-bin) with Byeoseyo (Lee Min-young) and Kim Sang-chun (Kang Shin-il) to write a new plan. I have just come to visit Oh Jung Hee. Finally, I went to the prosecutor with Oh Jeong – hee.

The Sun Sun Min-sik recommended Lee Jae-jun (Choi Won-young) to present his recording file with me.

The definition ceremony asked Na Jae-yong to have a relationship with Oh Jeong-hee, and Lee Jae-in (Da-in) worked together with the Taegu Group Legal Team to defend Najim. At that time, the formula said, “I have someone to testify that I was suspended from execution,” and a salt appeared. Na and Lee were embarrassed. However, one salt moved to the investigation room and started a full-fledged statement, but suddenly he changed his words.

I was released by the testimony of a salt. One salt later told me, “Now ask me for information about my brother,” he said. “I do not know,” he said. “I do not know what I’m talking about.

Especially, I have read his intuition to investigate the definition formula and now I have noticed that the background related to the false diagnosis is not age but Sunmin ‘s formula. In addition, Oh Jeong – hee chased the illegal removal route of Sunmin ‘s formula on the day when the drug entered the Seosoul penitentiary.

Thereafter, the scene was drawn accompanied by a violation of the Medical Law and the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law at the end of the broadcast. Sunmin’s expression laughed, but he received a call from Ham’s chief, and his expression hardened. I showed up at that time and now, “I’ll accompany you at random,” said the future development.

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