In the KBS2 drama “Doctor Prisoner,” which was broadcast on the 10th, Nae Jung Min and one salt (Kwon Nara) were drawn on the same boat.

On this day, I remembered the past with Hanbit. Hanbit, who met at the prison in those days, was afraid of someone who threatened him. Hanbit said that the director of the department (Kim Byung-cheol) received a person’s order and was administering medicine to him.

Hanbit said, “He is a real scary person. So you should not say anything because my sister should not be in danger. ” I heard Hanbit ‘s name and now I can not say anything.

After the recall, I went to Hanbat’s sister’s salt (Kwon Nara). One salt was admitted to the hospital because of a serious injury due to the attack of Kim Seok-woo (Lee Ju-seung) on ​​the psychopath. Jang Min-seok (Choi Duk-Moon), the head of the center, told me not to rush to Sunmin’s ceremony.

I now say, “I’m going to grab all those guys. Then you will not be able to safely blind the center, so run away now. If I get caught then I will die together. ” Then I found a salt and asked her a favor.

One salt has asserted that there will never be a man like Kim Seok-woo in the future. I now leave the place saying that I will not cooperate with the salt any more. At this time, Moira (Jin Hee Kyung) and Kim Seok-woo’s father came to the front of the salt room.

Kim Seok-woo was angry at his ability to stop me from stopping me when I hit my cheek. I now accept the action of Kim Seok – woo, who has fallen into the provocation of a salt, saying, “Please make yourself well because I will take you out to the medical clinic”.

Then, Naji and Sun Min-eok had each other’s neck crushed. I have now uncovered illegal exports of medicines of Sunmin’s formula in cooperation with Oh Jeong-hee (Kim Jong-un) and Kim Sang-chun (Kang Shin-il) Sunmin Sik tried to find Lee Jae-joon (Choi Won-young) and reported all kinds of misconceptions. It was the situation that Nae-jin and Oh Jung-hee were taken to the prosecutor according to Sunmin’s expression.

Lee said, “I’ll congratulate you. VIP center chief, “and gave him a beer. Sunmin, who promised the best place from Lee JaeJoon, enjoyed dinner with his wife. Lee Jae Joon remained alone, “I was expecting to know that I would push the old raccoon Sunmin ceremony. It is too, “he muttered.

The ceremony (Jang Hyun Sung) testified about the suspension of my brother’s execution. At this time, a salt came to the examiner as a reference to make a statement. Unexpectedly, one salt told the prosecutor that there was nothing wrong with aging. One salt made that choice to share information about his brother, Hanbit, who I know.

I was released now and I was in an angry situation because I could not catch the killer even though the formula was in front of my eyes. However, the definition formula was the situation that when I caught up to now, I obtained illegal export information of medicine of SUNMIN formula. I decided to use the formula instead.

I was also gathering direct evidence of illegal acts of Sunmin ‘s expression through various channels. The Ministry of Justice said, “We ask for voluntary compromise in violation of medical and pharmacist law.” I am now in front of silent Sunmin ceremony, “I’ll accompany you,” he added.

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