On the 8th, KBS2TV drama ‘Doctor Prisoner’

On that day, Sun Min-sik (Kim Byung-chul) called Na-hyun (Nam-seong Min) in front of Lee Jae-joon (Choi Won-young) and asked Na-hyun to accept his last card as Choi Dong-hoon. I now have to say, “Give me the transcript of the murder.” I stopped the phone, and Sungmin Sik said to Lee Jae-joon, “I put Choi Dong-hoon under me now. 

I was looking for Lee Jae Hwan and Choi Dong Hoon watching Lee Jae Hwan. When Choi Dong-hoon was away from the office, I said to Lee Jae-hwan, “There are a lot of people who interfere with your brother’s execution.” “I have to get out of here as much as I can, so let’s use an ignorant method.” Lee Jae-hwan accepted that ” . 

Lee Jae Hwan was put to death from Choi Dong Hoon. When Lee Jae-hwan tried to attack Choi Dong-hoon trying to attack him, he said, “Call him who killed Lee Jae-hwan. Otherwise, you die first.” Choi Dong-hoon called right away. But I called Lee Jaejun, not Sunmin. 

I do not think that my opponent is Lee Jae-joon anymore. “I confessed that you bought it, so if you want to live, you should bring the video that Lee Jae-joon ordered to kill.” Lee Jae Joon said, “This is it again, I am now.” He said, “I still got good information. I had a transcript of the good and the good.” 

But when I was talking to the formula for a while, suddenly Lee Jae Hwan ‘s heart was stopped. I just called the ambulance right now and tried to save him. After hearing this news, Moira (Jin Hee-kyung) and Lee Jae-in (Da-in) ran. Moira said that all of them wanted to save Lee Jae Hwan, but he was put on the brink of crossing the water. When Lee Jae-Hwan awoke to his consciousness, he said he would do what he would have done. He said he would give him a minimum amount of sap for his suspension.  

The ceremony exposes his date with Oh Jung-hee, who was charged with murder, and eventually moved the branch to the province. 
I have now visited Jeong-won, and I think Lee Jae-Hwan will not be able to stop his brother. I now give to the formula, “If I go down like this, I can not catch Lee Young Jung,” and worried, Lee Jae-joon will somehow pull it down. The ceremony was held on the 18th anniversary, and I turned my heart to catch Lee Jae – joon and handed it to me.

I now go to the head of Chang Min-seok (Choi Duk-Mun) and tell Lee Jae-joon that he is an abandoned card and waited for him to turn his heart. I now have “played with me,” he said, and Jang Min-seok said that even Lee Jae-joon would not remember. I really did not remember now. Jang Min-seok said, “I did not intentionally know,” Lee Jae-joon opened the possibility of Alzheimer’s, and he said, “It may be another bottle.” So now I remember the saying that the chairman said to Alzheimer that he had wandered in the wake of the unexpected injection. 

One salt (Kwon Nara) and Hanbit began to find out whether the president had other illness besides Alzheimer’s disease. One salt later found out that the president had taken medicines prescribed to people with disabilities such as Parkinson’s. Then, I remembered the childhood that Lee said. One salt, recalling Lee Jae – joon ‘s finger shaking at the time, said, “It was not Alzheimer’ s.  

I have now begun to search for and retrieve my medical history. It is interesting to note that Lee Dae-suk and Lee Jae-jun are likely to be suffering from the same disease, and now I have a card to catch Lee.

Meanwhile, ‘Doctor Freezeer’ is a new concept prison X medical suspense drama that will be launched after the surgeon Ace Nye, who was ousted from a large hospital, became the medical director of the prison. 

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