KBS 2TV drama ‘Doctor Prisoner’ started in the middle of the winter and finished 150 days’ journey and ended on May 15th. Kwon Nara said, “The development was as fast as cider, and I felt that it was fun. I thought it was funny when I read the script. ” Jin Hee-kyung said, “I thought the story was so dense that it would be popular with middle-aged people.”

In the early days of the filming, Minjung Min talked with the production team about the first broadcast rating. “We do not want to set the audience rating for the first time?” He said. We expect 8% in reality. ” He said, “Dr Prisoner’s first-rate ratings began at 8.4% (Nielsen Korea), with an average audience rating of 13.2% and a high audience rating of 15.8%.

The crew looked at the big hit factor. The first was excellent performance. The drama is a combination of the medical suspense genre and the core theme of suspension of brotherhood. In addition, each episode is a fierce brain game that takes time to finish and gave a strong immersion feeling.

The second is a solid script. With the strategy and the betrayal in mind, it led to the reversal with careful planning and cooperation, and the audience was satisfied with watching the movie made every time by breathtaking development. In order to match the viewers’ eyes, we properly adjusted the level of legal knowledge and medical terms in the drama.

“As soon as I read the script, I thought, ‘I must do this work,'” said Min. Park Eun-suk said, “When I saw the script, I saw the first person who saw this work.” In the middle, I did not think it was a change of drama. I thought that no one who had seen it would have seen it once. ”

The third was a three-color fireworks showdown of three people: Min-gyung Min, Kim Byung-cheol and Choi Won-young. “Even though I used to be a doctor, there were many scenes where I was dating a woman. This drama has a lot of medical terminology, and if you are a doctor, I think you have tried harder to see how to operate and to look like a doctor. ”

The actors were one of them, Nam Gyung-min, the scene at the end of the first broadcast, which was shot by Lee Jae-hwan. Lee Jun-hyuk said, “The age of the doctor who was pure was blackening. It was as if the fluffs had run out, “he said.

Kim said, “I do a lot of bad behavior, and I still have a desire to live well and I want to keep my family well. I do not mean it is totally bad.” I think I might be able to get it. ”

The overwhelming visual impression was also named as a big hit. The visual beauty and monotonous tone of the illusion, which was mistaken for the movie, gave the effect of maximizing the actors’ psychological state.

The fifth was a variety of characters. Kwon Nara, who is in charge of a salt station, visited a psychiatrist and advised him to use professional terms naturally. Jang Hyun-sung, who plays the role of “Justice Inspection”, showed an extremely realistic character, unlike the previous test, which was divided into good and evil dichotomy.

The shooting site was also revealed. Lee Jun-hyuk was the atmosphere maker that almost all actors chose. Whereever Lee Jun-hyuk was there, the place was brightened. Jin Hee-kyung said, “Each character is very serious, but Chemie was always good in the field.”

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