In the broadcast, Choi Min heard the fact that Choi Gon (Park Geun-hyung) and Jung Hee were separated from each other. Choi went to the backroom where Jung-eun and Heo Min-ki (Bong Tae-gyu) were trapped.

Choi said, “I’m sorry. My father was in an emergency and our people were exempt.” Heo Min-ki said, “You made a mistake. I just can’t go over it.”

Choi Min said, “Park Hye-mi (Bunuri-min) patient is now in our hospital. Dad regained stability and immediately called again. There was no electrocardiogram and normal bleeding fracture on the head CT. I’ll take part in the legal responsibility. “

Choi then asked Jung-eun, “I’ll apologize first. But what did you and Dad meet?”

On the way, she asked, “Mr. Do you have any doubts about me? That’s what Kwon said he won’t leave. Do you think I can do anything?” Choi Min said, “I’d like to think no. But if the man suddenly pitted and lost consciousness, my sister would have been the same.” Then he said, “No, thank you. Thanks for living, you would have been surprised.”

Choi said, “Why did the daughter-in-law who was driven out by her hand meet? And why did the divorced girl get out of the way?” En route said, “Wouldn’t you have more threats. People in the house are doing well.”

On the way, I left for Choi to stay here until Choi was awake. “Why do I do anything? No, Choi Min. I don’t care if your father dies. I don’t care.”

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