On the 9th, SBS Power FM ‘Dushy Escape Cull To Show’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Cul To Show’), group UV member MUSIC, took a breath with Kim Tae Kyun as a special DJ, while the movie ‘Bad Guys: The Movie’ Kim Sang-joong, Jang Yong-yong, and actors of the directors, director Yong-ho Son and production film Silk Road, talked.

The bad guys, which will be released on the 11th, is a crime entertainment action movie that shows the unrelenting performance of the bad guys who once again gathered to catch the worst criminals who disappeared because of a convoy of accidents.

In ‘Bad Guys’, Kim played the role of designer Oh Gutak as a drama and Ma Dong Seok played the role of Park Ung-cheol. In addition, Kim Ah-jung and Jang Yong-yong each play a new role in the film, Chong No-soon, a former role-maker, Kwak No-soon and a former detective.

Jang Yong-yong, who plays the role of uniqueness in the play, said, “It is a new character in the movie, and 70-80% of the shooting scenes are action scenes.” “I was less embarrassed because there was an action scene in a drama that I shot before,” he said. “I also went to an action school for a month or two because of filming. One of the reasons for attending an action school is to avoid injury. I didn’t hit it. “

Kim Sang-joong listened to this and said, “I do not have an action scene against him.” Kim Sang-joong said, “Although there is an action scene at the end, I shoot in most of the shots because I’m an expert in Ogu Tak. One-shot One-Kill is my motto,” he said.

At the same time, Kim said, “I have a name for the pose I take in the shooting of the gun.” Kim Sang-joong said, “The scene that moves after shooting the gun is called ‘Tangway’ and the scene that moves while shooting the gun is called ‘Donggun Gun’.”

But Kim’s Ajae gag did not end here. He said, “Madongseok did not appear on the radio together with the Hollywood movie” Eternals “in the UK.” ” Added Ajay Gag, et al.

On the other hand, Kim Sang Joong said, “I have been in charge of SBS current affairs and culture program ‘I want to know’ for 13 years.” In particular, Kim said, “I want to know,” he said, “But it was.” “The ambassador was a tense shifter of events, but he seemed so spoiled that he used the word” horse “, which he used in the military.

In addition, Kim Sang Joong said about ‘I want to know’ for 13 years. ‘No matter how well I lead it because the record is broken, it is expected that better people will continue the program. I came up with the answer.

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