Han Hye-yeon, who recommended ‘Fluorescent Item’ as a fashion for Hwanyeon, recommended ‘Escape from Duo’.

In the afternoon of the 31st, SBS Power FM ‘Dusie Escape Cult show’, a comic stripper is a special DJ, stylist Han Hye Yeon appeared as a guest.

On this day, Han Hye-yeon heard advice about the fashion of listeners. One of the listeners said, Hwangnyul also asked me if there is a fashion that can be filled with confidence. “

Then DJ Kim Tae-gyun said, “It’s not healthy. The tooth itself is really healthy, “Han Hye-yun said,” Yes. I do not have a problem, I was just born a yellow bird. “

Han Hye-yeon said, “I want to go with the fluorescent light. “If you apply black lipstick, you will look less. If I apply pink or nude tone, yellowishness looks better. If you apply a bright red color at all, your teeth will look much brighter. “

Also, another question, “Is there any shoes that suit any clothes?”, I have recommended the “apricot series or the most comfortable black shoes” in the sense that I want to use them variously.

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