On June 19, JTBC’s ‘Eighteen Moments’ portrayed Choi Jun-woo (Ong Sung-woo) as disappointed by Yu Su-bin (Kim Hyang-gi). 

Choi Joon-woo was confused by the sudden cancellation of his movie date with Yu Soo-bin. Yoo Soo-bin urgently exited the movie theater, saying, “I have been contacting mom to come home.”

Choi Joon-woo worried about Yu Soo-bin and took him home, and soon he realized that he had a fever. However, Yu Soo-bin had previously seen Choi Jun-woo’s false letter to Ma Hui-young (Shin Seung-ho): “Is Yu-bin the best thing? I will take it.”

Choi Jun-woo, who did not know this, was worried about Yu-Su-bin without reply. “What did I do wrong. Popcorn was wrong. I was so out of shape when I came.”

In addition, Hwang Ro-mi (Han Sung-min) asked Yu Soo-bin, “I said I like Choi Jun-woo. How can I go to the movies together?” Yoo Soo-bin replied, “I have a reason why I shouldn’t go to the movies with him. I heard that Choi Jun-woo clearly wanted to be friends with you.”

Yoo said, “I like Choi Joon-woo. I liked it. I don’t think you like it.” However, at this time, Choi Jun-woo appeared and heard ‘Yu-bin’ said, and made a complicated look. Choi Joon-woo asked Yu Soo-bin to talk after school, saying, “I think I’m doing something wrong. I thought a lot.

Yoo Soo-bin answered, “No,” Choi said, “I think your mother doesn’t like me. Next time I’ll say hello to your mother.” However, Yu-Subin confessed the lie, saying, “It was burdensome just to have someone.” “Suddenly more than a movie?” The question did not hide, and Yoo Soo-bin said, “Is it really used me?” 

Nevertheless, Choi said, “If you still think about it, please tell me. I’ll fix anything if I’m wrong,” he said.

In addition, Ma Hui-young and Choi Joon-woo showed disagreement ahead of the school trip. Choi suggested that classmates prepare their own clothes with their parents for a one-time trip. Yu Soo-bin and Mahui-young, on the other hand, enjoyed dating the game room with their memories of their past childhood.

After the date, Yu Soo-bin and Mahui-young, who were heading to Yu-su-bin’s house, met Choi Jun-woo who came to meet Yu-su-bin. After Choi Jun-woo seized Yu-Subin, Yu-Su-bin finally showed him a false letter. Choi said, “Is this letter better than me?”

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