On June 12, JTBC’s monthly drama “ Eighteen Moments ” depicts Choi Jun-woo (Ong Sung-woo), who once again confesses to Yu Su-bin (Kim Hyang-gi).

On this day, Yu-Subin had stomach cramps during the test. Choi Joon-woo visited Yu-Su-bin who was tested in the health room. In the health room, Choi Jun-woo confessed to Yu Soo-bin, “I like you, I like you, I too.”

At that time Ma Hwi-young (Shin Seung-ho) came to the health room. Mahui said, “I was going to take you to the health room. I’m sorry. Good work. Junwoo. I have to go.” I asked Choi to leave. However, Choi Joon-woo did not leave the health room and stayed.

Yun Song-hee (Kim Sun-young Bun) asked Yu, Su-bin, “It’s a very important test. Why did you do it? You shouldn’t have focused on taking the test here.” The nursing teacher said, “That student has been carrying Subin.” Then Yun Song-hee, “Thank you.”

Yoon Song-hee warned Yu Soo-bin, “Aren’t you forced to transfer?” Yoo Soo-bin explained, “It’s not like that,” but Yoon Song-hee did not listen. Choi Joon-woo watched this figure from afar.

Yu Soo-bin went to Choi Jun-woo after Choi Jun-woo didn’t contact him. However, Hwang Ro-mi (Han Sung-min) took a bus with Choi Jun-woo saying, “There is no transportation card.” Yu-Subin was disappointed to see this. Choi Joon-woo immediately got off the bus, but dropped his cell phone on the bus. Hwang Romi picked up Choi’s cell phone.

Yu Soo-bin, who returned home, called Choi. Hwang Romi received a call from Choi that was okay. ‘It’s okay’ was Yu Soo Bin. But Hwang Romi hung up Yu-Su Bin’s phone with no reply. Yu Soo-bin was embarrassed.

At that time, after confessing to Yu Soo-bin, I tried to contact him but there was no way. Although he tried to go to Yu Soo-bin’s house, Choi Jun-woo, who does not know his address, pledged the next day.

The next day, Choi Jun-woo learned that he was mixed with Yu-su-bin. The whole universe was as promised. ‘

After finishing school, Choi went to the shop at noon and found a house. Choi Joon-woo practiced his confession with Yu Soo-bin and went directly to Yu Soo-bin’s house. At that time, Hwang Romi blocked Choi Jun-woo and said, “I’ll accept your heart. I’ll do it for one day. You like me. Choi said, “I don’t like you. I like Yoo Soo-bin. I,” he said.

Choi Jun-woo finally found Yun Song-hee and Yu Su-bin. He asked Yun Song-hee if she could talk to Yoo Su-bin for a moment and was nervous.

Meanwhile, the Eighteenth Moment is broadcast at 9:30 pm every Monday 

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