JTBC’s ‘Eighteen Moments,’ which aired on the 26th, depicted Lee Yeon-woo (Sim Yi-young) who witnessed the two being together.

I went back to school after a pleasant school trip. On the bus to school, Jun-woo (Ong Sung-woo) sat next to Su-bin (Kim Hyang-gi) and gave her a seat belt. Subin confessed to Jun-woo, “I’m sorry that I didn’t speak the text at that time.

Upon arriving in Seoul, Junwoo got acquainted with the friends of Subin and a date. Junwoo said, “The time we have only two .. We’re coming. We’re just two of us. Thank you in the future.”
Junwoo was looking forward to Soobin and said, “My mom is on a business trip and coming tomorrow.” Junwoo was cautious about what the villagers saw, and then Junwoo bought a perfume for her. The two then made phone calls. Subin pretended to have a stomachache because of his mother in his room.

Lee Yeon-woo (Sim Yi-young) was delighted to Jun-woo, “It was so good. You went to the school trip and went well with the boy you asked for your first love.”

Junwoo and Subin have an appointment tomorrow. The two set an appointment, and Junwoo was happy. The next day, Subin left home earlier than tutoring time, and Yun Song-hee said, “I was nervous.” Subin said “uh” and then carefully came out and took off his outer garment. I was wearing a dress for a date with Junwoo. Junwoo came early and waited for Subin. I met Subin from my house and decided on a date. Two people boarded a highway bus.

Junwoo went to Junghu’s Ossuary and said, “I wanted to introduce you to Junghu first.” I’ll take good care of it. ”

Jun-woo, who came out of the ossuary, asked Subin, “When did you like me?” “I thought you were going to transfer, but when you came back,” Suvin said. Junwoo said, “That day ..” was shy. So Subin and Junwoo remembered the same moment and said, “I think I’ve been there since then.”

Junwoo passed the perfume saying that it is a commemoration of dating. Subin wondered, “It’s good. Choi Joon-woo can do something like this?” Wondered, and Junwoo said “Thank you for accepting my heart.” Subin answered, “It was just like this. The day you first met in front of the gate.”

The next day, at school, Jun-woo was told that she couldn’t tutor with Whee-young (Shin Seung-ho). Subin said, “I didn’t want to do it. But you can see it. It’s because we’re dating.” Junwoo hid his face in the locker.

Subin then asked Junwoo, “What has changed since you met me?” Junwoo replied, “The world is just ..” and Subin said, “The world has changed. Don’t be such a big thing.” Jun-woo said, “I often see mirrors. “I haven’t seen it many times, but I don’t see it these days. It’s amazing. You know? You’re getting pretty? And I have questions about you.”

Subsequently, I told Subin, “How do I sleep. Squat and sleep. Long live while sleeping. How to sneeze.” Subin also said, “Is Choi Choi can’t sleep without turning off the light. Do I know that my left eye gets smaller when I smile?”

Subin told Junwoo, who had to go to a part-time job, to go home and give him a wish. Suddenly I started to hiccup. Subin approached Junwoo and surprised him. But hiccups did not stop. Subin invited her to go home drinking water.

Even when asked to come home, Jun-woo waited in front of the porch and drank water. At that time I heard the door open and the two hid in the living room. Subin said to Jun-woo, “It seems to be a working woman.” At that moment, Jun-woo’s mother appeared and found them. Jun-woo’s mother was surprised to call “Joon-woo”, and Jun-woo was surprised and called “Mom”.

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