Above all, unlike the villainous villain image in “Why is my mother-in-law”, the fact that it is a pure innocence of anti-alienation and the change of the poisonous mind that is weak only in front of it gives a different fun. Especially in the last 9 episodes, Ji-hwan, who had been off at “Why my mother-in-law” after the accident, announced the re-release of her character as a twin of the existing character, and she wrote a profile of Ji- The smiles of those who were drawn to the Al Khonghong were also made.

Among them, “Goble Yoo” revealed the visual Simong two-shot of Cha Hyun and Ji Hwan ahead of this broadcast, and it is stimulating the curiosity of the drama fans. The still-cut public is a shooting scene of “Why is my mother-in-law?” Chihyeon is transformed into twin of Minhyuk who died in the drama and seriously watches Jihwan who is hot. In addition, the face of the gesture of “hissing” with the index finger on the mouth and the expression of Cha Hyun, who is nervously nervous as if surprised by the alienation that is too close, catches his gaze.

Chihyun, who has been taking care of him because he is an actor who is unknown to his name, and who has been treated unfairly by his staff, is saying, “I am the manager of the drama.” This time, the director of Ji-hwan sees himself as a manager of the drama shooting scene, and the story of Cha Hyun and Ji-hwan that caught a two-shot behind the camera of “Why is my mother-in-law”

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