Actor Ishae is thrilled and cool, and he is receiving the support of viewers.

On June 27, TVN drama “Enter your search terms WWW” (hereinafter “Goble Yoo”), the director of the portal site, Cha Hyun (Lee Hee-minute) I was trying to get back to work.

Cha Hyun met with her ex-boyfriend standard number (Kim Nam-hee) at the hospital, but immediately recovered the stability of her mind when she saw Seoljwan. When I looked at his face asleep and smiled at him, I was thrilled with his fanfic.

In the following morning, the drama “Why is my mother-in-law” disappears and the role played by Seo-hwan disappears, and Cha-hyun was furious because she was a synopsis fraud. Cha Hyun-hwan, who is in charge of the management of Seo-jin Hwan, directed the director and staffs, and called out the director’s headquarters.

Ihaei (Chihyun Station) is a sensational and just headquarters manager at Scarlet in Pharoah, and transformed into Scarlet in the field. Especially, he is playing a human sideways career with a logical situation judgment and a dignified attitude.

Ihaei’s clear ambassadorial treatment and outstanding emotional performance elevate Cha-hyeon’s cool cool charm and enthuse theater. Immediately after the broadcast, viewers cheered on her enthusiastic response, such as “I’m so cool and I’m good at it”, “I can not play it,” and “I did everything in the scene.”

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